Ospreys a plenty!

I was very busy in the garden this afternoon when the local Gull population got very vocal. I popped to the bedroom window where i could look out over Exmouth Town and the Estuary where i was greeted with a sight id never seen before. Every Gull in the area was in the air in full cry but i could see anything but guessed an Osprey had come over the Town as one had been reported being seen over the last week on the estuary. Later this afternoon i had a text from a birding friend to say 6 (SIX) Ospreys had been seen four headed for Exmouth around the time I heard the mayhem! When I found time i got on my bike around 18:00 and cycled up the Estuary hoping to see an odd bird. I could not believe it i picked a bird up almost straight away halfway up the estuary. As i watched this bird it banked around and fell out the sky as they do and success a fish captured. Off it went into Powderham estate. I thought that was it and i would have been satisfied if it was. I was just packing up when i caught sight of another bird!! same happened again and another successful dive. How pleased i was to see this action and a couple of record shots as well. No doubt we will see more of these iconic birds on the estuary over the next month as they head on their journey for West Africa for the winter.

  • Wow what a sight, brilliant and well captured Devonotter, hope you get to see more another day, only a little jealous!!

    Lot to learn

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    Get your camera ready, looks like you are in for some fun times!

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  • Nice one Derek a great sight to see and capture on camera thanks for sharing.

    Regards Shane


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    It seems to be raining Ospreys down by the Exe;  lovely photos Derek and glad you got to see these magnificent birds before they head off further south.


    Regards, Hazel 

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    Nice one Derek well spotted, by all the sightings hopefully they've had a good year

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    Good stuff, Derek. The Exe must have some good fishing for so many to congregate. Fattening themselves up before they head south.



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    Thanks guys 7 Ospreys spotted this morning, all fattening up on Grey Mullet.

    Bob - Starcross side should get you closer to the action as the birds that are successful swing over Powderham Estate to find a tree to eat their catch.


    Dave Boults video from yesterday

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    WOW!!!! Never seen that many in my life. Well worth the four hour drive IMO. Time to start grovelling to George ... Thanks for sharing Derek!

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    "Any glimpse into the life of an animal quickens our own and makes it so much the larger and better in every way." John Muir

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    Yes, thanks, Derek!  I'll look forward to still more, please!

    Kind regards, Ann

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    Seven birds reported today... Great photo's on the Devon Birds website if you google it.

    Marina maybe worth a drive and stay over the weekend. Cant see them disappearing that quick....however they could be gone overnight. thats the gamble with "Twitching" good luck if you do.