pros and cons of biological recording

I dont just take pictures of species of Wildlife, nature and the natural world. when im out wildlife watching and share them with people  I also record the species iv seen by sending them off to my county recorder usualy with photos but if identifiable without a photo without.  but a photo acompanying a observation is usualy the prefered option with alot of county recorders and recording schemes.

when it comes to effect of the actual recording of wildlife in biological recording there are of cause ups and downs like with most things. the ups of recording wildlife is that it helps county recorders and recording schemes record biodiversity and helps them map out there current distributions. weather it has changed or not or still pretty much the same and what species are changeing distribution amd what species hasnt and it can help with conservation. exspecialy the recording of either new and undiscovered species or just rare or endangered species. plus people can discover a species new to scence with or without being aware if there lucky when twkeing photos and/or recording. 

the downs however is that some species are well recorded but some are not so some go under recorded. and there is a couple of reasons for this some species of wildlife are more popular with most people than others. for instance butterflys are more popular than moths cause butterflys tend to be colourful whereas most moths are made for camafauge rather than haveing the warning colors butterflys have. then of course there is spiders. spiders are under recorded cause most people dont take an interest in them or are scared of them due to the myths and misconceptions surpunding spiders they were grown up with as children or cause they are hairy. then of course another reason is some species can be easyer to spot thsn others. and another reason some wildlife go under recorded is cause  some animals are more popular than others so may prefer to look out for and record birds or mammels rather than less popular ones causeing them to be recorded by county recorders and tecording schemes more than others 

there are of course other examples of wildlife that go under recorded aswell. for instance its not just certain familys. some species within a particular family may be more popular in biological recording than others but there are also certain species within certain familys that can be challangeing to identify fir instance certain types of beetles can be easy while others can be more challangeing and in some cases can require looking through a magnifying glass or needing to see if its male or female under a microscope before being reliably seperated from another similar looking species causeing them to be less popular due to being so similar and challangeing to identify for most people causeing those species in that family to be under recorded in biological recording. and therfore resulting in not enough records to get sn ides of distrubtion for county recorders and recording. that and certain species in some familys can be less well known than others