Brambling - male or female?

this photo shows a Brambling taken Tuesday February 8th 2011, and I'm unsure what gender it is, as it's not a bird we see here (except once last year in snow, difficult to id through snowed-up windows!).

Could anyone help me with determining its gender?



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  • Hi Jono

    A warm welcome to the Community. :-)

    This is a male in winter plumage. He's a beauty. :-) Lovely shot, well captured :-)

    Best wishes Chris

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  • In reply to Woodpecker:

    Hello Chris - many thanks, it suddenly struck me after initially thinking it was a female that it was too strongly marked about the head. Must be a poor year for beech-mast if they're coming to gardens. Really lucky to get it, I could have waited weeks in a hide on the offchance of photo-ing what is, here, a very rare sight indeed. Thanks again; Jono.

    Remember to take every opportunity - you're only here once

  • In reply to Jono_9:

    Beautiful photo there of a wonderful male brambling.

    We have had 40 or so in very day since the snow in Nov. They are begining to depleat in nos as its a wee bit milder here at the moment. Think that they might be back next week if it gets chilly as forecast!!

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  • In reply to osprey:

    Thanks Osprey,

    Your'e lucky to have had 40!

    When I think we used to have linnets and all sorts here back in the '70s, now where are they? Bit depressing, but the Brambling certainly cheered my heart!

    And last winter we had a Redpoll, another first. Putting out multiple feeders produces results!

    Best, Jono.

    Remember to take every opportunity - you're only here once

  • Anonymous

    That is a lovley photograph of a Brambling there, I do get a lot of them in my garden during the heavy snow, but that is the first time I have noticed the little speckles just near to the wing!

    Brilliant Brilliant shot :)

  • Anonymous

    In reply to Anonymous:

    Hi Jono and welcome to the RSPB Froum.  Enjoy yourself here

    Fabulous photo of a Male Brambling you have there

    Thank you for sharing and look forward to hearing more about your 'birding' adventures


    Kathy and Dave

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    Thanks Borderslass, and Kathy & Dave!

    Bit slow on the uptake, didn't know RSPB had a forum until today. Doh!


    Remember to take every opportunity - you're only here once