Hello, I was stood outside admiring the stars and I heard
 this. Got me quite excited. Is this an owl? (Sounded far away so isn’t super loud) 


  • Owl refined.m4a

    I think may be slightly easier to hear as I’ve edited it slightly 

  • Very difficult to hear, even through the headphones.


    Flickr Peak Rambler

  • Afternoon Ellis.

    It's very faint, and I'm not sure I can tell the difference between the two files.

    Can you (sorry) do more with the recording?

    All the best -
  • In reply to Mike B:

    Yeah I didn’t listen to it properly until I posted and realised it was pretty awful, I’ll try again next time but isolate the wind
  • In reply to Dave - CH:

    I didn’t realise it was so bad until I listened to it haha. I’ll try again other the next few nights and get a better recording
  • Ellis, hope you don't mind but I've worked on your recording, as I have some experience of audio editing and mixing, and have increased the volume and reduced the 'hiss' leaving a more audible sound file. The file now consists of a 30-second loop.

    I think it sounds similar to a Tawny Owl but will wait for others with more experience of owls to write their thoughts.

  • Great work rspbailey!

    I'm anything but an owl expert, but do hear Tawnies most nights (including on the last three evenings) and at most points in the year (when they're vocal). Not a Tawny for me; not, in fact, sure that it's a bird. The first of the three calls (if I'm correct in hearing three) is too hoarse. The second and third (so, the similar) calls are pretty much single notes. So, not a Tawny call I know.


  • Good to know, Dave

    I need to gen up on my owl calls there's no doubt - cracking birds though.

  • In reply to rspbailey:

    That's a great improvement Rspbailey if it is an Owl I would opt for Tawny but it also sounds like a distant version of the dog Fox we were hearing here around Christmas time. You certainly did a brilliant job of cleaning the recording up.


    Birding is for everyone no matter how good or bad we are at it,enjoy it while you can

  • In reply to rspbailey:

    Welcome. Although, as it's only me, I'd take my comment with a fist of salt.

    And yes, cracking birds. Where we are now, the parents bring the brood down to hunt in meadow and orchards at the back of the house, and we get to listen to the whole family on patrol.

    Last night, first female contact call of the year (there have probably been more, but we've been at -12 Celsius, so I confess that I haven't been spending bags of time outside in the evening...)

    I learnt last year that we've local Pigmy Owls. So, six or so species locally.

    I must get out more...