Soaring waterside bird?

  • Any bird with a large wing span will soar,some better than others


    Birding is for everyone no matter how good or bad we are at it,enjoy it while you can

  • If it was a pelican, depending on which species, the wingspan would be 2-3 times wider than an egret :-O

    Sounds like it should be easy to tell, but without anything for scale it's impossible to guess the size.

    Compare this video with the shape/shadows in your first two photos, particularly 33ish seconds and on:

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    Comparing to those pelicans, the wings were a little more thinner/slender looking that were arched when soaring. It looks similar colour wise but I’m not sure if that was due to shadows. Also, I didn’t notice a prominent beak but I’ve never seen a pelican before so I wouldn’t have a clue. Thanks
  • Egrets are Herons , ie members of the heron family, as are Bitterns and Spoonbills.

    Apart from the extreme unlikelyhood of a Pelican over Leicestershire, You would certainly
    notice the bill on a Pelican, they’re huge , the point that you didn’t I think rules out this bird being a Pelican.
  • Silly question, but when you saw it which way was it flying? I.e. was it a white head or white tail? I'm guessing white head.
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    No problem, it was soaring mainly but still travelling northeast. From what I can remember the tail was darker than the head but still pretty light, the head was white or very light grey. Thank
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    Anyone suggested a Crane yet? Proportions look about right, you wouldn't necessarily see the thin extended neck, trailing feet, and dark 'fingers' at that resolution. But your photos show a hint of darker patches at the tips of the wings, the wings are pushed forward towards the direction of flight, and they do soar I think?