Soaring waterside bird?

Hello, today I saw a soaring waterside bird, but I really struggled to identify it. It soared over one area for a good two minutes, pretty high up too. I’ve attached some photos but they’re pretty bad quality. It had darkish wings with a light underside and a tucked in neck. Thanks 

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    Do grey herons soar?
  • Doesn’t look like a Grey Heron, and I’ve never seen a Heron soar like that. When you say waterside , what does that mean? Near a lake, a river, or the sea?
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    I meant like a waterside bird, such as a heron or an egret since it had a tucked in neck. They fly over every day, but this soaring behaviour I’d never seen before. I’m not sure what family of bird to call them to be fair. This occurred over my larger village, which has a lake, but otherwise nowhere near the sea. Thanks
  • Any white storks in your area? (though they don't tuck neck in, not sure photos show it has)

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     According to LROS, very rare apparently. Doesn’t even show on the Merlin app either, so I guess not. Thanks, Ellis 

  • You are better off using European websites and software than American. I know they are very rare in UK, but getting less so, which is why I asked if you have them in your area. There were photos of at least one individual posted on here a few months ago......think it was in Midlands but can't remember for sure.
  • This stranger weather we have had recently has brought many strange birds into the UK, things like Bee Eaters and Roller so a Stork is certainly not a daft idea. You can discount very little at this time of year.


    Birding is for everyone no matter how good or bad we are at it,enjoy it while you can

  • There are Storks successfully breeding at Knepp and they do go for a wander from time to time. Not sure where Elllis is based

    Cin J

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    I’m located in Leicestershire, I’ll have a look in my big book full of both common and rare birds to see if anything sounds/looks similar.