Is this a robin?


Is this a robin?  Seen in Suffolk last January.

  • It looks like a young one to me but the colour looks more on the orange side?


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  • In reply to James:

    What a dear little bird ... just seen an 'Alamy stock photo' on google images reflecting same sort of colours!


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  • Yes, definitely a juvenile Robin 

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  • That would mean it hatched in December. While not unheard of, this is certainly a very rare occurrence.

    Unicum arbustum haud alit duos erithacos

    (One bush does not shelter two Robins)

    Zenodotus (3rd Century B.C.)


  • In the second photo, there is another bird in the top left - at first I thought it was a reflection, but it doesn't seem to be.  And also, around two-thirds up the right side are wingtips that may be from a third.  So, there must be a decent food supply nearby for at least three young robins to hatch in December.

  • I wonder whether lornemcd was mistaken about the date when the photo was taken. According to the EXIF data embedded in the photo they were both shot on 30 April 2018. Of course the date on the camera could have been set incorrectly but it would make much more sense to see juvenile Robins at that time of year rather than in January.



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  • You're absolutely right, it was taken on 30 April. So sorry to be misleading. It's a feeding station outside our back door, underneath a large bay tree where I have feeders with peanuts, fat balls and sunflower seeds, plus mealworms and seed on the ground. Very popular! Thank you all for your input, and sorry for my mistake.