Creating a Safe Haven: Using Coconut Shells in Camera Nest Boxes

I've been working on setting up a camera nest box in my backyard to observe the local bird population. I've heard that using recycled materials like coconut shells can be a great eco-friendly option for the nest box. Have any of you tried using coconut shells in nest boxes before?

  • Not heard of that Andrea, in what form would you use them?


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  • Are you thinking of using as the base for a nest cup inside a wooden bird nest box? I 'll be honest I don't know the answer but there might be the potential for fledglings to get stuck or caught under the shell.

    The quick google search showed a either 'craft' items or nests that would be far too exposed for use - the magpies and woodpeckers would be raiding in seconds but where it might work is in the depths of a hedge to offer winter roosts for assorted wildlife.

    I think it's probably best just to use the shells for winter food

    Cin J