My new homemade feeder! Advice and opinion needed

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Hello everyone,

I wanted to get your opinion on my homemade bird feeder. I made it using a 250ml bottle to save money and avoid buying a flimsy one that might be chewed apart by squirrels. To stop squirrels from breaking the feeder, I made a baffle using a milk bottle and a plastic paint bucket lid. The tray, which is stuck under the feeder to catch fallen crumbs without collecting water, has holes for drainage. The feeder also has a roof made from a plastic divider from my file binder to protect against rain.

Previously, I made another feeder, which used to attract robins and tits during springtime because I fed them Berry Flavoured Beef fat suet pellets. Since it's August and it has been raining all summer, I'm not sure if my new feeder will have the same success. Right now, I'm feeding the same suet pellets in the new feeder, as I bought a packet ages ago and want to finish it. I'm wondering if it's still appropriate to feed suet pellets in the summer. The packet says it's okay, but I'd appreciate more opinions on this.

The new feeder is hanging on a metal rod tied to the top of my washing pole in the garden, about 3.7 feet high from the nearest branch or fence. I decided not to ground feed to avoid attracting rodents or mice.

The feeder has two holes, each about 9mm in diameter, for the birds to peck at the Berry Flavoured Beef fat suet pellets.

I have a couple of questions:
1) Will birds eventually come to the feeder, or is it too high for them to climb on? It's around 3 to 4 meters high, and I'll need a ladder to bring it down.

2) Is it alright to continue feeding Berry Flavoured Beef fat suet pellets in the summer? The packet says it's okay, but I'd appreciate more opinions on this.

3) What's your general opinion or advice on my homemade bird feeder?

Thank you all for your input!