Butterflies and Moths 2022

  • Wednesday 23 March 2022 12:00 pm. My first Butterfly sighting in Gloucestershire in 2022 

    Brimstone Butterfly

    Bown hill, At a farm in front of Cotswold Hill Coaley Peak Selsley I couldn’t get a picture but I got a film of the butterfly flying and took some screenshots

    zoomed in 

  • I'm still waiting for my first butterfly!


    Flickr Peak Rambler

  • In reply to Mike B:

    Dont worry it will turn up eventually. They start comeing out now but most of them are more out by April and May Exspeacially around plants like Butterfly bush which acts as a magnet for butterfly’s and also some of there food plants like Nasturtium and plants in the cabbage family. Common nettle and small nettle is a foodplant for the small Tortoiseshell. Common Blue Birds foot trefoil Greater birds foot trefoil black Medick common Restharrow White Clover and less trefoil. Common nettle and small nettle is also the food plant of Red admiral. And they love buddlea. Painted lady likes Thistles Mallows and common nettle aswell. Marbled white likes tor grass and Yorkshire fog. Silver washed fritillary likes common dog Violet cabbage whites like cabbage plants. Look out for these plants and you might increase your chances of comeing across them. But its also possible for one to just show up out of nowhere like they did with me Exspeacially since it’s almost April. Don’t worry you will see your first Butterfly aswell at some point
  • In reply to Zo Clark:

    A Brimstone I'd say.
  • Got a few recently here in east Dorset.
    Brimstones, Comma, Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell, & Red Admiral.
  • In reply to Russ:

    Thanks. That’s what I was thinking aswell. I didn’t want to write the species until im certain of the species since I didn’t want to make asumptions and mislead anyone who might not know what it is and might possibly not just enjoy looking at the photo but also use it for Id aswell. When you see one of those Butterfly’s in Dorset that you have you could take a picture of it and send it here aswell if you would like to.

  • Zo, always ask if you are not sure. As this is an educational thread it’s good to label the flutters, it can always be edited later. Your in flight butterfly is a Brimstone.
    Monitoring Season starts next Friday so make the most of this nice spell of weather as it’s about to go off

    Cin J

  • In reply to Germain:

    Dont worry. I was going to name it after finding out what type of Butterfly it is rather than leave it permanently with no Species name.
    But I would ask  if I went to find out but were Still not  sure what it is then. I didnt find out what type of Butterfly it is yet but I did suspect Brimstone.  There a few that are similar to Brimstone and that’s why I wasn’t sure. But I will ask. I have found out some interesting infomation from the Wildlife Trust that the Adult Brimstones hibernate through Cold Weather so may be seen flying on warm days throughout the year although there most common in Spring. I also found out there usually found in ones or twos. Not very common. but Widespread. and can be found in damp woodlands, along sunny, woodland rides and mature heagerows and in large Gardens. The food plants are Buckthorn, and alder Buckthorn. Both Shrubs are found in wet Woodland, while Buckthorn also occurs on dry Chalk and limestone Soils. The Brimstone Butterfly is  found across most of England and Wales.

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    I think thats a good picture