Yellowhammers In Pond!

Today I captured a beautfiul pair of Yellowhammers bathing and drinking in my pond, the video is 3 minutes long, so I can't share the whole thing, but I'll attatch some screenshots and a link to the video via Google Drive.
I am meant to be saving all of my trail camera footage for a YouTube video but I think it's too cool and want to share it.

Google Drive Link:

  • That's really nice Jake.
    I suspect your pond may become a regular feature here.

  • That's good. Nothing much else you can do re green woodpecker.
  • In reply to Dave - CH:

    Thank you very much, its only about a week old but I had a relative with a lovely pond thats about 30 years old bring me a load of cuttings, I've planted them all but they just need time to grow in, hopefully that'll bring in the amphibians and grass snakes.
    Today my uncle is coming round with his rotavator to churn up a decent sized patch of dirt for wildflowers, which I reckon will attract loads of things (insects > predatory insects > birds > birds of prey)
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    I reckon so, I've seen a trail camera video on YouTube at a british wildlife pond and Great and Lesser Spotted, and Green woodpeckers all came down for a bath and drink, I've had the Great Spotted male that frequents my bird feeder come down for a nose, but never a proper drink or bath.

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    Re lesser spotted woodpeckers, so many are wrongly identified on YouTube. I couldn’t find the video you refer to. Not doubting it exists.
  • In reply to Robbo:
    There’s the video, turns out it doesn’t contain lesser spotted woodpeckers, my bad.
    Still a great watch and I’d love to see owls and buzzard come down for a bath, as well as the green woodpeckers.
  • Fantastic to see such a varied selection of birds at your pond and amazing to see the Tawny Owl and Buzzard plus Green Woodpecker visiting; thanks for sharing this enjoyable trail cam footage.and for doing your bit for wildlife.


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • Those yellowhammers were certainly having a splash. Nice footage.


    Flickr Peak Rambler

  • So many birds visiting your pond Jake, fantastic to watch the video, even an owl coming in. Then the Yellowhammers coming to see your new pond, stunning.

    Lot to learn

  • In reply to HAZY:

    Haha, that one isn't my video, I was referring to it in a reply to Robbo as a video I saw with Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers visiting a pond!
    Hopefully one day I will have those birds of prey come down haha!