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  • Lovely photos all and what a cute hedgehog !   I'm not sure if young hoggies should be out in the daytime but maybe Wendy can help with that question if she sees this.    

    Meanwhile, we took a short trip to Astbury Mere again and looked like some young Moorhens were out for their first adventure with both parent birds in attendance sourcing food for them.   I had taken some swan/duck food and they seemed to enjoy that ....

    this looks recently fledged .............. parents were keeping them undercover much of the time as the Coots were aggressive towards the Moorhens.

    and the Coot juvie enjoying the duck food too 


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • Good to see the young hedgehog Bob, and Hazel, nice to see the moorhen and coot chicks.

    I've been wondering what's happened to our long tailed tits this year, with not seeing any, not even caught on trailcam, until a couple of days ago!

    The garden, and feeders, have been quite busy of late, and some footage taken from the two trailcams has been uploaded to my Flickr pages.

    NOTE: Times are GMT, it saves having to mess around twice a year and often I forget, so its the easiest solution.


    A juvenile robin getting breakfast (note the red breast is slowly starting to show)


    First long tailed tit observed in the garden this year.


    Juvenile fox spooked by moth that flies across the camera Infra-red


    Juvenile Blue Tits


    Juvenile Long Tailed Tit


    Adult & Juvenile Long Tailed Tits

    Now I know the times that the lollipops are appearing, I'll aim to get some stills.


    Flickr Peak Rambler

  • We have three juvenile Great Tits that come to the balcony following their parents.    Half hour ago one hit the patio window for some reason;    the planter troughs with the dish of live mealworms are on the open corner end of the balcony and not near the windows.    It was on the ground looking stunned and had its beak open to cool off;    I gently and quickly checked it over and it didn't appear to have any injuries.   I placed it immediately in one of the other planters further along on the balcony to recover and kept an eye on it from inside the apartment.    Within ten minutes it was on top of the planter but took another ten minutes to orientate itself and then it flew -   was so relieved to see its recovery but just to say that if you deal quickly and quietly and place the bird somewhere semi protected and quiet (assuming no obvious injuries) then back away to give it time to recover they often do rather than fussing over it and causing it more stress.    Happy outcome :)   The adults are around so hopefully its back with the family.      

    2 quick photos  

    This was just seconds before I had to pick it up off the patio......   I was worried it may have sustained damage to its bill but it was absolutely fine when I quickly checked it over.

    taken from inside the patio door at distance ...... already recovering ready to get its bearings

    No other photos as it was more important the bird took off safely to join the clan.    Happy ending :)  

    post edit:   forgot to say my neighbour saw a neighbourhood cat with something by its feet just outside the front entrance of the apartment.    I went outside, shooed the cat away and found a little frog,   it appeared uninjured so I gently picked it up and took it round to the water garden area dirt track where there were a few large puddles and some long grass at the side of the pathway so released it and it hopped away safely !!    another happy ending.     Thank goodness my neighbour saw the cat with it as for sure it would have been pounced on every time it tried to hop away.        Strange how things happen;   now on standby in case there is a third animal to rescue   LOL


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • In reply to Bob S:

    Bob S said:

    This one came through my garden yesterday. Very young and I presume has just left it's mother. Very active, looked healthy (not that I know anything about hedgehogs) and looking for food amongst the leaves. I did think it was odd being out mid-day but not sure if that is usual for young hoglets finding there way. Be interesting to hear thoughts for future reference.

    Very difficult to say if it needed help without actually checking firsthand but always advisable to ring for advice as they generally shouldn't be out in the daytime ... this fact sheet from St.Tiggywinkles for future reference ...


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  • @ Bob, nice to see the Hoggie, hope it is all right, as you say it should not really be out in daytime.
    @Hazel, to the rescue twice in one day, there will be a third needing your attention before the day is out! Well done.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Baby Magpie turned up a few days ago quite confidently feeding itself from the hoggie station but here it is begging to be fed by parent ... to no avail!