Bold Robin

  • Well you are taken with this bird malarkey! Enjoying a glass of wind and nibbles and a good catch up, to stop and go home for his nibs treats! Ruined or what is that Robin of yours! Nice to see your wee pal again. I like your garden.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • The Robin story is moving along nicely. We found out that his nest is in a neighbours garden 2 doors away in the back of a shed and he was heading that way with increasing numbers of mealworms in his beak (up to 7) and more and more often, plus our neighbour whose garden he lives in is feeding him too. Quite often he turns up with the result of his own foraging in his beak and adds mealworms to that. A couple of days ago he stopped heading for the neighbours garden with food and is now heading to various points in our hedge. Eventually I managed to see a little speckled Robin chick moving through the hedge keeping well under cover and I'm sure there is a least two of them as dad heads off in quite different directions with food and is straight back for more.

    I've also noticed what I think is a female asking for food from him, could this be a different female or would he be pair bonding with the same female for a second brood?


    Taking the maximum amount of mealworms to the nest.

    Breaking off from foraging to get some mealworms, the black worm and other little insect he had on arrival and he's added one mealworm.

    Tops up before heading off.

    Could this be his partner or a new female asking for food?

    A fleeting glimpse of one of the chicks moving through the hedge, mostly they're being fed out of sight deep in the hedge or in undergrowth at the base of the hedge.

  • Lovely pics and it is great that your Robin trusts you enough to take meal worms from you. We saw our Robin collecting and carrying food into next door's garden for a time, and today I saw a Robin with nesting material diving off our fence to the narrow space between our fence and the garage next door, almost exactly to the same place where the Robins had a nest last year and only a few feet away from the spot where they seemed to be taking food (from our lawn and feeders) earlier this year, both spots just over our fence and both in the greenery in the narrow space of about 8 inches between our fence and that neighbour's garage. Perhaps this is nest building for a second brood this year.

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  • Wonderful to get a shot of the young Robin Trevor, and your Robin is evidently doing a grand job looking after both family and his female. I only read the other day that the female will hand over feeding duties to the male while she goes off and starts another nest. No wonder they are glad of our help.

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  • Fabulous photos Trevor, and thank you for keeping us up to date.


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