At Last, Some Bird Photos To Post

This beauty visited the garden yesterday and sat on the same post for about 20/25mins chillin out and watching the world go by. It looked quite small especially compared to the woodie sat 3 post away. In was wondering whether it might be a juvenile, any comments/thoughts would be welcome.

Oh I'm being watched.... ok no problem

I'll be friendly and wave at the pigeon.

I'll just practice my posture now 

Wish I had the balance to stand on one leg and look around without wobbling all over the place

now for a preen and scratch

And best foot forward

Somethings ruffled my feathers

I'm watching you in there.........

if only I could reach that itch.

Oh, what's down there??

And then he was gone.

Well done for getting this far hope you enjoyed all the views from the lounge, dinning room, kitchen and utility windows.