More time for garden pictures!

  • Bad luck losing a hen to a fox David, I think there are more around these days. Nice to see the Blackcap and well done on the Chiffies, plenty of them shouting in the fields lately but hard to see.

    Lot to learn

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    Thanks. The fox came at lunchtime, luckily my wife heard the commotion and I was able to chase it off before it killed the other 4. Only just started laying. I have spent the last two days fox proofing their area. Time will tell!
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    Chiffchaff in flight is lovely David. Oh evil Mr Fox..hope you have outfoxed him to keep the rest of the girls safe.
    Thanks for sharing more delightful pictures

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • Thanks for the lovely collection of photos, David. Shame about your hen, but many chicken runs are far tooo feebly fenced; glad to hear you've reinforced your defences! Foxes can climb as well so they really need a roof of some sort.
    Can't believe there are still Redwings and Fieldfares in Essex! What is your nearest town/village, please, if you do not mind saying--thanks!!

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  • I was surprised to see the winter thrushes, usually I get them in January and February especially when snow is on the ground.
    I am pretty rural nearest village is Little Waltham. I have an enclosed hen house about 4metres by 3metres and a run about 10 x 10 metres with 8 foot high fence now, was 6 foot. Didn't expect it to be so brazen. They are locked away at night.
  • Thanks, David. We spent numerous Christmases in a rural area near Feering and one year we saw a large flock of winter Thrushes. The place had hens which were a delight, especially once the cockerel decided not to attack us any more--we had to take a stick in with us to stop him. One year we were told that in the previous summer foxes had climbed over their 6 foot fence and killed several hens, although some had remained on their perch and hence were not killed. The owner then put a mesh roof on the run which deterred any further fox raids. Sadly, the place was sold so we cannot stay there any more. We don't spend every Christmas in Essex now but still do occasionally. We love visiting Abberton and used to make a yearly trip to Minsmere as well--lovely.

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  • Yesterday afternoon followed this Orange-Tip until it finally settled.  Tried the same with a couple of 

    Brimstones but they were camera shy!

    Buzzard fly past

    Up early this morning and saw another first for this year Yellowhammers

    Another Chiffchaff (or is tit the same one!)

    And a Chaffinch basking in the early morning sun.

    Hopefully more to follow....

  • Yellowhammers, very jealous now.

    Lot to learn

  • Only a couple to add today.

    Speckled Wood, but wouldn't open up for me.

    Lots of Blackbirds in the garden. Loud lovely songs.

    My resident Wren finally made an appearance.

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    Lovely pictures David.

    If it's any consolation, the speckled wood I had the other day was reluctant to open its wings, except for flight. I only managed to get a photo by sitting trigger ready with the camera set to multi-shot.


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