More time for garden pictures!

Collecting photos of some of my garden visitors. Thought I would share them and add more as ||I get them. Isolation giving me more time!

Lucky the sparrowhawk hung around long enough for a few shots

Jay a regular visitor

Surprised the Fieldfare and Redwing are still in the garden

Low flying Buzzard

Couldn't resist tis one!

New to my garden (in 35 years)   pair of Treecrepers

Very distant Red Kite

Lovely song thrush (which I mistook for a Mistle)

Now a few of the regulars:-

  • Thanks for sharing David, brilliant pictures and a nice variety of birds you get in the garden. I wish a Jay would visit mine 

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • Thanks Linda, very rural surrounded by fields so ever so lucky.

    In fact just had a Red Kite fly over very low down. Not so common in Essex.

    Problem with rural is i like the deer, but they like my shrubs and fruit trees!!

  • In reply to david:

    Right right thats enough David lol...I did have regular visiting deer until they built a school out my backdoor on green belt land!!!
    I still get many different visitors as you can see in my post...

    Redkite aswell! Not jealous ...honestly!!!

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • In reply to Linda257:

    Red Kite is definitely a rarity here. Absolutely amazed to see it so low.
    Lovely pictures, your Greater Spotted Woodpeckers are good, and who doesn't love a Long tailed Tit!
  • Lovely photos David, and thanks for sharing


    Flickr Peak Rambler

  • Cracking photos David and what a selection, fabulous shot of the Red Kite coming in low, and nice to see the Redwing and Fieldfare, gorgeous birds, also the treecreeper with it's huge claw.

    Lot to learn

  • Thanks for all the comments. Should be able to add some more soon as I seem to have plenty of spare time all of a sudden!!
  • A few more.

    Finally managed to track down the Chiffchaff.  Have heard them for a while but first real photo opportunity this morning.

    Looks like we may be lucky enough to have a family of Mallards this year (happens occasionally)

    We always have Moorhen on the pond, and in the garden all year.

    Looks like the Blue Tits have found a good nesting hole, right in front of my kitchen window

    so hope to see the fledglings. 

  • In reply to david:

    David said:

    Looks like the Blue Tits have found a good nesting hole, right in front of my kitchen window

    so hope to see the fledglings. 

    How lovely to get a window view like that, I look forward to the photos David.


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  • Today so far...….

    My girls are also in isolation having lost one to a fox on Tuesday!

    Another regular

    1st Blackcap. into the sun so hopefully better image to follow

    Peacock enjoying the cherry blossom

    Couple of Chiffchaff pictures