In my garden.....

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    You've just reminded me to go out and clean our bath, its looking a bit mucky and the level is too low. Its always great watching the birds bathing. Can you send some of your rain to Suffolk please Linda, the garden is so dry and tired looking.


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    I would gladly send you rain Tony..its been non stop least my plants shall be well watered in!...Yes you must go out in your DRY garden and give the birdies a treat with a fresh bath!

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • Nice additions, especially the bathers but even the stormy skies!


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    No not the stormy skies Nige...had enough of them..

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  • Great to see your bathing beauties Linda,especially the Robin, they have proper sessions and seem to enjoy it so much. We have had wind and rain all day nearly, and tonight it is almost cold, yes I say cold!!!!!and more forecast for tomorrow. Even Sue hasn't asked to go for her evening walk and remains tucked up in her bed!!

    Lot to learn

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    Thanks Gaynor..yes the wee Robin has been in and out the bath today again..I think it loves the fact its overflowing!..its very own infinity pool Yeah the wind picked up here aswell as for the cold .....I have a high neck jumper on....poor Sue..but bet your glad not having to go out...Looks like 100% chance the same tomorrow but weekend looking a bit better far!

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    Linda257 said:

    Not much change on the weather front!!

    A good collection of photos Linda, and the first two, of the clouds over the trees, very dramatic.


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    Cheers Mike...Its the normal scene these days ...although it is a little drier today but still grey clouds 

    post edit

    spoke too soon heavens have opened yet again!

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  • Sooooooooo much rain even the pond has burst its banks!

    not sure how much more rain the plants can stand before they rot!!! 

    I am forever picking up slugs and relocating them!

    But the rain hasnt stopped wee cutie pie RRB from appearing

    Mrs BB braving it aswell (not looking too happy )

    I dont wanna be seen!!

    Lovely grey sky!

    And woody hiding but having a wee nosey at same time

    Fingers crossed for some dry weather tomorrow

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • Even in the rain, they still sit in the bath! They can't be that bothered about the damp weather!!


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