2020 Hoggies & earlybirds on my garden trailcam!

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    Great capture and really interesting to see a hedgehog feeding and drinking. Seems like it's stocking up ready for the winter ahead.
    Cheers, Jean.


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  • Glad to see you have sorted out your leads and plugs Wendy, and we have lift off again:-) Good to see the main participants are feeding well and that the heatwave hasn't disrupted them too much.

    Lot to learn

  • Been on the better batteries last few nights Gaynor & picked up a few visits, only seem to have one eating just now!
    The repaired electric cable came back this morning, tried & tested si is out tonight to see if any difference!


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    Definitely good and good to see the cam still working.

    I've not managed to record much hoggie activity here, though I am getting lots of camera trips but nothing on video, so something is activating the sensor, but not staying in view long enough to be recorded. It could be moths, cats, though the foxes tend to hang around. However, one occasion, we did see a small hog running around, snout down, food searching, so the good news is, they still visit and we have young not far away.


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  • Same here Mike, a few 'blanks' but no hoggie on screen ... last night was better though ... wet night & lots of slugs making so many trails on feeding station condensation that it resembles an enchanted forest! Lol