A frosty start at Leighton Moss - stuffed with extra stuff

Like others, I have been taking advantage of the beautiful sunshine, in my case with one of my semi-regular trips up to the Moss. I got there with time to spare before dawn and went straight down to the estuary hides to get the best light. A silhouetted Redshank in dawn's reflection.

I thought these Black-tailed Godwits looked like they were floating in colourful nothing.


They were spooked several times by passing Peregrines or Harriers coming off the roost and flying out to hunt over the estuary


It was even more impressive than normal when they catch the more colourful early morning light as they twist and turn

I hadn't realised there was a little interloper in there until I got home

I seem to have caught them in a more geometric pattern in this one and just as they turned into the light

A Goosander came in nice and close

A beautiful little Teal

As I was walking back to the car park before moving over to the main reserve, there were quite a few birds feeding on the frosty ground, including Starlings flashing their colours in the sun

A male Reed Bunting

A lovely, if rather irate looking little Blue Tit

Another spotty Starling

A couple of Robins who spent as much time chasing each other as looking for food

A Chaffinch

And another Starling looking unimpressed with way that the others aren't paying him any attention

Apparently, the numbers in the roost are good, but they hadn't yet put on any murmurations. Hopefully, they'll start sometime soon.

That's as far as I've got with processing the photos, so far. I'll put those up from the main reserve when I have them!


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