Some recent photos from round about

I haven't posted much recently, so here a few from round about, instead of bunging them in loads of separate threads.

A Gatekeeper. Even if it doesn't show all the patterning, I also like getting views that aren't the standard wings open or wings closed.

A beautifully lit Lesser Black-back Gull against a shadowy, wooded hillside

I've been thinking I could do with some nice snail and slug shots, but I had a hard time keeping up with this Amber Snail... 

We don't normally have Egyptian Geese around but a couple have taken up temporary residence on Pennington. A pair spent a couple weeks there last year, too.

Small Skippers have taken over the mantle from their Large cousins and are now much more commonly seen. I'm always amazed by how much control they have over their tongues - even more flexible than an elephants trunk by the looks of it!


Some days the Lapwings are nervous and flighty ... and some days not. I can never work out what the difference is!

What's the saying, "a watched blackberry never ripens"? They are under constant scrutiny from the Blackcaps.


It's a shame thistles are considered to be weeds. They can be a but rangy but I think they are actually quite attractive plants, as well as being one of the most visited flowers I know. Insects love them and the local Goldfinches seem to spend more time in the thistle patch than on the teasel heads.

Fenceposts may be fabulous but it can be a struggle to get up there when you're a Cormorant swimming around the base


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  • Superb set of photos Nigel with beautiful detail; the Small Skipper is amazing; their numbers seem to have increased greatly this season and the Lapwing really shows off that colourful plumage. I've heard more Blackcaps than seen them this year, that's a beauty you captured. Hope the Cormorant made it to his perching post !


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • Lovely stuff Nige, I bet you needed phenomenally quick shutter speed to keep the Amber snail in focus whilst in full flight like that!
  • Lovely pics Nige! Am fractionally faster than that snail this morning ..... but not by much! Lol


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  • Stunning set Nigel especially like the E Goose.

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  • Beautiful photos, Nige. The one of the Small Skipper is superb with so much detail.



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  • Thanks all
    Hazy, yes, the Cormorant did make it, but only just. It looked like it was going slide off again but managed to hold on.


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  • Glad to hear the Cormorant made it to the top of the post but with those wings you would have thought it would have flown up!! Fabulous photos Nigel and so clear, the Blackcap is my favourite.

    Lot to learn

  • Fabulous photos Nige, I particularly the skipper enjoying the nectar and the cormorant as it's coming out of the water, an absolutely fabulous shot.

    We have Egyptian Geese that regularly visit Middleton Lakes during the winter time, so if ever you're short on photos, that's one place to put in you file.


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