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    Hazel C said:
    I'd just like to see them like that, let alone take pictures!

    There is just one spot I know where they show that well, and it is rather peculiar surroundings - looking at the back of a very small patch of reeds from a gap in the trees/bushes. The RW's like to hunt in the trees as well as the reeds, so it's just a matter of time before one will show and think about crossing the gap. They also cross the path as there is another larger reed bed on the other side. Even so, this year my timing has been so good (read 'lucky') I'm getting them practically on demand!


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  • I counted 19 Yellow Wagtails on the Somerset levels this morning in different locations, the 2 x SEO's were still around but very distant and many many sedge/reed/cetti warblers. Just 3 Cattle Egrets left now. I also

    went to Pilning to see the Teminicks Stint. Only the 2nd one I've ever seen. A good morning for sure.

  • Eating my lunch in the car and this swallow lands on the gate about 6-7 metres away and just stares at me.

  • I expect it fancied a bit of your sandwiches!

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    Hazel in the Gironde estuary, France

  • No photos this time, just a quick note to say that we’ve been hearing a Tawny Owl calling for several weeks now, but always in the distance. A few nights ago I was awakened at around 2am (not an easy thing to do) by very loud hooting. We looked out of our window towards the dark fields behind the house and saw the silhouette of a Tawny Owl perched on top of the telegraph (telephone?) pole at the bottom of the garden. He continued calling on and off for a few minutes before silently flying away. Just wonderful.!! :-)

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  • It's lovely to hear the Tawny Owls and glad you have a local bird which you've also seen at night Paul. We've had Tawny Owls breed nearby each year and I participated in the T.Owl survey a few months back which finished at the end of March. We seem to have a local male Tawny who is then joined in early breeding season by a female and have subsequently heard a juvenile owl some years so good to know we have success in our local area. I often hear the male in particular hooting at night or dusk, as early as 6pm and as late as 2.30am. We've even nicknamed him Oscar LOL


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  • I actually remembered about the survey the other day but found it to be finished before I could add to it. I've heard Tawny Owls off and on, but not too regularly, this was the first one I've seen for around 15 - 16 years. It’s nice to know they’re around.
    Staying on the subject of birds in our garden, we have a Starling who is desperately trying to attract a mate for the nest box on the end of our house. He’s been there for weeks and weeks now, flapping his wings and calling to every Starling that passes by. We’ve had a few Oystercatchers visiting the fields behind the house for a few month’s now and the wee Starling does an excellent rendition of an Oystercatcher. He also does a very convincing Yellowhammer and a few days ago I heard him doing a somewhat quiet but very distinct Lesser Black-backed Gull. Perhaps if he was to concentrate a bit more on Starling calls he may have more success in attracting a mate.!! :-)

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  • LOL Paul, bless that little Starling, hope he finds a mate soon ! It's amazing how birds are adept at mimicking other birds. The GT is one and the Jay is another bird so good at impressions ! Normally if I hear a bird call I don't recognise 99 times out of 100 it is a GT lol


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  • Hope the Starling finds a mate soon, after all his hard work in trying to attract one.

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