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    Very nice captures Nige.


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    Very nice Alan your Grasshopper Warbler is a lot lighter then the one I got today mine looks very brown?


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  • I spent 5 hours Saturday trying to photograph a Nightingale at RSPB Highnam Woods, I had some luck but not satisfied with the photo's. Always another day. This morning I went to RSPB Greylake, loads of Cetti Warblers on the reserve but difficult to see. I kept my distance and waited, eventually they showed and managed to photograph 3 different CW's.

  • One from today, a bit odd looking which I think is down to the bright sun (no camera shenannigans). I mentioned last year I thought there were kestrel nesting in a tree in the valley and never found out where. Today, whilst sitting under the tree the male and female landed nearby and were quite vocal. I moved on and managed to spot the female fly in to a hole. I think the babies are hatched as whilst sat under the tree I kept hearing odd noises from above.

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    Excellent shots of the Cetti's. I'm not setting much more than glimpses so far this year, although I've had plenty of those.


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    A very nice spot of the nesting Kestrel.


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  • Thanks Nige. I did move off and the photos are with the P900 on full optical zoom, this an uncropped photo from the same distance. I find it hard sometimes to decide how intrusive you can be, especially when nesting. Had a few looks like this to start with and then seemed OK and looking around still alert.

  • A few from the last couple of days before the thunderstorm !   heavy rain again at the moment.

    The Jay was eating the duck food ..............    I've kibbled the whole nuts although the occasional one misses the blender blades.

    Jackdaws are not one to miss out on a free feed ..........

    the Magpies are looking fabulous at the moment

    always on the scrounge ......................    

    the drake and female mallards tend to come in separately these days -  they are both quite comfortable now and don't move far away when I go to put their mixed seed out

    You've gotta love these little wrens,  they are so darn cute :)       this is Dinky

    the robin with the dud leg/foot is doing really well, manages to live a normal bird life thank goodness and think it is paired up


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • Very nice set Hazel, and like you I just love the Wrens, first time I have seen your Robin with the bad leg but it look like its doing ok.

    I have got a little friend who comes down to me for mealworms it must be the same one from last year because he has just started to do this i have not been putting food out for him but as soon as he see's me going out of the front door he comes down and lands on the fence so I go back in and got the tub of meal worms out and hold it on the fence he jumps over each upright and takes one or two out while I am holding the tub so it a couple of days i will see if he will take them from my hand if he does i will get a movie of him :)


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