Fabulous Fence Posts

  • This Female Green Woodpecker is often seen at Uphill Somerset. She is very noisy and a pleasure to watch fly around. I often see her on posts around the nature reserve there.

  • In reply to Paul Cousins:

    This is the Female's Mate. Again seen at Uphill but much shyer. I spent 3 long afternoons looking and waiting for this bird. It was well worth it. 

    Males have a black 'moustache' which has a red centre.

  • wonderful series of photos Paul C.        I have one to add from Australia by my brother;    not sure what type of lizard it is or whether you would class this as a fence post due to it being metal  !


    Regards, Hazel 

    My Flickr. photo  link HERE 

  • Lots of Yellow Wagtails around in September,.....Some sitting on posts