Well - just back from Loch Frisa, having been soaked and battered by the wind and rain.  I am pleased to say that both Skye and Frisa are well and Frisa has been feeding two chicks.  They are fantastic parents doing such a great job in this awful weather we are having!  The chicks are only 3 weeks old so still have a lot to get through but at the moment, both doing OK.

 The rain had eased for most of the day but was replaced by strong winds but as I sit typing this, the rain is lashing down again - our rivers are full and the lowlands are flooding - lets hope there is an end to this very wet and windy spell - after all - isnt it supposed to be Summer now?

Hopefully a better night's sleep tonight for everyone!

  • Hi There Debby - We had the pleasure of visiting the hide on the 1pm tour this date !! When it rains up on Mull it sure does rain - but despite the inclement weather it was great to visit and catch a glimpse of the famous Skye & Frisa. You're doing a great job up there, long may it continue - thanks for making our trip to the hide enjoyable and informative .... I'll look forward to reading the updates on "my chicks" !!
  • Hope the weather improves soon, thank god the other chick has survived but still a long way to go.
  • Thank you for letting us know about the chicks. The weather looks a bit better today so we hope you all have a nice weekend in Mull and can dry out.
  • Only just got around to reading your blog this morning but what fantastic news, thanks so much for letting us know Debby. I hope the weather improves soon....I new it was the kiss of death when the weather men told us it was going to be a good summer.
  • Great news then Debby if you have seen two chicks as Daves last blog there was only one he could see , so celebrations all round then especially to Skye and Frisa . Hopefully the weather will improve soon - surely it has too !!!