• Farewell from Mull Eagle Watch 2018

    3rd November 2018

    My goodness, it has been the most challenging season for Mull Eagle Watch! We’ve had some great highs and way too many lows but still, we managed to salvage the season and end with some fantastic and well-deserved news. Here is a summary of the key events that occurred this summer.

    The season got off to a fantastic start at our brilliant new host site, Craignure Golf Course, where we watched…

  • An update on Shelly - the sea eagle rediscovered after 7 years

    14th October 2018

    In 2010, MEW watched as sea eagle pair, Fingal and Iona, raised a chick. The female was named Shelly after Glen Seilisdeir, the valley in which the birds reside on the Isle of Mull.

    Shelly as a chick in 2010 having her leg rings and satellite tag fitted ( Forestry Commission Scotland)


    Shelly was fitted with a satellite tag which was designed to track her movements. Disappointingly, after only…

  • Hunting eaglets and a surprise visitor at West Ardhu

    3rd October 2018

    A few weeks ago, we were seeing Hope and Star, our adult white-tailed eagles at West Ardhu forest, bringing food back to the nest trees, only to eat it all themselves in front of the hungry chicks! On one occasion, after calling incessantly for half an hour, the chick that was perched above Hope decided to bend forward and poo on its mother! That shows her.

    This ‘tough love’ seen from the parents was…

  • Buzz off!

    2nd September 2018

    We were spolit with eagle action last Thursday at West Ardhu!

    Hope arrived with a measly portion of food but, instead of dropping it in the nest, she perched underneath Misak to eat it herself, despite the incessant calling from the hungry chick.

    Ulva, appeared at the same time but, realising the food wasn’t for sharing, she swiftly moved on and soared up high for our visitors for a while before…

  • An Unwelcome Visitor at the nest

    23rd August 2018

    At West Ardhu Eagle Watch, we are having the odd sighting of an immature white-tailed eagle who is obviously very inquisitive about what’s going on in the nest.

    One day, it went as far as to sit in the nest tree, peering down at the eaglet in the nest before Hope crashed in to chase it off. The nearby group of five kestrels also joined in!

    The intruder lands in the nest tree and peers down…

  • Soggy eagles (and visitors) at Wet Ardhu!

    20th August 2018

    Where did all that lovely weather go?

    I’m, once again, living in waterproof overtrousers and boots which have been damp for days. However I can’t help but pity the eagles more than myself as they sit sheltering under branches, holding their wings out to dry.

    Hope drying off her wings

    Star drying out


    An eagle on the drive home! Possibly Hope from West Ardhu

    Despite the dismal…

  • Fledging, flapping and flying chicks at West Ardhu Eagle Watch

    31st July 2018

    Alongside tours at Craignure and Tiroran, Mull Eagle Watch is now running tours at the West Ardhu eagle watch at Dervaig, owned by North West Mull Community Woodland Company.

    We return to Hope and Star, the pair we watched here last year. They have successfully raised and fledged two chicks again, which are now 14 weeks old, and we’ve been seeing lots of action even in our first week here!

  • Tiroran chick post-mortem

    2nd July 2018

    Sadly, on Thursday 14th June, the Tiroran chick was confirmed dead. It had only been ringed on the Monday and the team remarked at how placid it had been when being handled.

    The Tiroran chick being ringed

    Looking back, that wasn’t a good sign. Cian had been watching the chick all week with visitors and had seen it feeding well on Monday and Tuesday but hunkered down on the Wednesday during storm Hector…

  • Open Farm Sunday at Treshnish: farming, flowers and fantastic food!

    11th June 2018

    The Mull Eagle Watch rangers attended the beautiful Treshnish (and Haunn cottages) Farm on Sunday 10th June for their Open Farm Sunday event. This national scheme run by LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) gives farmers an opportunity to show people how they are farming in an environmentally-friendly way and for us, as consumers, to learn about where our food comes from – one of the most beautiful places…

  • Trouble at Tiroran!

    8th June 2018

    Due to the nest failure at Craignure Golf Club, we have now re-opened tours at Tiroran Community Forest! We are still running tours at the golf course but sightings of eagles can, sadly, no longer be 100% guaranteed.

    The first week of tours at Tiroran are now over and Fingal and Iona have not disappointed!

    We’ve watched as the eagles fly in to feed the chick who’s now stumbling around the nest and slumping…

  • Coastal antics at Mull Eagle Watch

    15th May 2018

    Unfortunately, as many of you know, the first nesting attempt of the Golf Course eagles failed and we were crossing everything in hope that they may re-lay. They teased us with some promising signs such as bringing back nesting material, performing aerial displays and then for four days, they appeared on the nest in the incubation position but… nothing.

    Scalla landing in the nest tree


  • Uh oh! Drama unfolds at the nest…

    13th April 2018

    On Good Friday, when people all across the country (including myself) were getting excited about tucking into their (*cough* nine) chocolate eggs, we at Mull Eagle Watch were most excited about an egg that wasn’t chocolate at all. It was the first egg that Scalla and Anna had laid in their nest at Craignure Golf Club.

    Tours began soon after and our visitors were able to see an incubating eagle…

  • Welcome back to Mull Eagle Watch, 2018!

    11th April 2018

    I’m excited to be returning to the role of RSPB Community Information and Tourism Officer this summer and will be running the eagle nest tours alongside Cian Burke-Brown (pictured) who is the seasonal ranger for Mull and Iona Community Trust.

    This year, we are being hosted by the wonderful Craignure Golf Club. A team of volunteers has been busy refurbishing the club in time for us opening and is…

  • West Ardhu chick names and a final farewell for 2017

    24th September 2017

    Mull Eagle Watch tours have come to an end after another successful season in 2017.

    Thursday 21st was the last day of tours and, after cancelling on the Wednesday due to a return of miserable weather, I was pleased to be greeted at West Ardhu with sunshine and clear views.

    Visitors saw Star swoop in and perch in the nest tree where he proceeded to sit for the rest of the day. It’s easy to think…

  • And the name is...

    30th August 2017

    Bunessan Primary School have now named our chick at Tiroran Community Forest after visiting for a day of fun and learning with The Mull and Iona Ranger Service and Mull Eagle Watch.

    Children got messy making plaster casts of animal hoof prints along the forest tracks before learning about dinosaurs – the ancestors of eagles – with Emily and Kate from the Ranger Service. Over at the eagles hide, they…

  • Off to a soaring start

    16th August 2017 

    At last, after a long and nerve-wracking wait, the chick at Tiroran Community Forest has successfully made her first flight.

    Tiroran chick in the nest at four weeks old

    On the afternoon of Friday the 11th, I arrived at the hide and was greeted by the sight of an empty nest. Nothing was seen of the family until a little later when I had a quick peek through the scope and spotted a pair of conspicuous…

  • Watching, waiting, anticipating... a fledge!

    22nd July 2017

    The eaglet at Tiroran Community Forest is just over 10 weeks old today and is set to fledge within the next couple of weeks.

    White-tailed eagles usually fledge at 12-13 weeks old so it has a little longer to go yet before it makes its first flight and our visitors are seeing it becoming ever-more active in the nest.

    We’ve been seeing the chick – who we think is female and is now adult-sized – flapping…

  • All in a flap

    4th July 2017

    The huge eaglet in Tiroran Community Forest has been getting flappy and giving our visitors fantastic views!

    The chick, who we think may be a female (according to the measurements taken by the ringing team back on 9th June), is becoming ever more active on the nest, much to the delight of our Mull Eagle Watch visitors. With brown plumage, it is rather camouflaged on the eyrie but of course, our fantastic…

  • The ringing of the chick

    16th June 2017

    On Friday 9th June, Mull Eagle Watch visitors witnessed the special moment when our chick at Tiroran Community Forest earned its very own leg rings.

    At the beginning of the tour, we were admiring Iona, perched atop one of her favourite trees where she could still keep an eye on the eyrie. The chick was nowhere to be seen in the nest, nestled down fast asleep. Little did it know…

    We waited in anticipation…

  • Its twins for Tiroran!

    29th May 2017

    Our Tiroran Community Forest eagle pair, Fingal and Iona, have hatched two chicks this season.

    Iona laid her eggs on 1st April and, with a 38-day incubation period, we expected them to hatch around the 8th May. When I arrived in the forest on 9th May to set the scopes up on the nest for the day’s tours, I witnessed, for the first time, Iona feeding something in the nest!

    The eggs are laid 2-5 days…

  • And we (finally) have lift off! - 27th April 2017

    I am only just getting round to posting the first blog post of the season after a host of technical issues and general eagle busyness with our pair, Fingal and Iona. 2017 tours are well underway already!

    After working for the RSPB as a fundraiser for six months in Cumbria, I am delighted to announce that I am the RSPB Community Information and Tourism Officer for Mull Eagle Watch this season. I’m leading the guided trips…

  • Drum Roll - the winner is .....

    As you know Mull Eagle Watch has now closed for the 2016 season and what a season it has been.

    For the first time, we had 2 viewing opportunities - one at the north end of the Island at West Ardhu and the other  towards the south at Tiroran.  Another first for Mull Eagle Watch this year was that both sites were hosted by community woodlands - North West Mull Woodland and South West Mull and Iona Development

    It has…

  • The Forest is alive with the sound of ..... Nature!

    The chick at Tiroran is now flying like an old pro! It hasn't taken him long to master the skills of picking up a thermal, a warm pocket of air to give him some height, and showing off some beautiful soaring.  Fingal and Iona are never far away, and are still bringing in food as the chick is not independent yet, but that will not be long.

    Iona, female white tailed eagle - Tiroran Forest - Debby Thorne


  • Wish me luck!

     Remember this?  The bundle of fluff here is the chick at Tiroran when he was being ringed in the middle of June.

    Well today and I am delighted to report the fantastic news that the chicks at Tiroran South West Mull & Iona Development Trust and West Ardhu North West Mull Community Woodland sites have now successfully fledged.  The story was covered in the Scottish Press here https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/news…

  • On your marks - Get Set .......

    Sunday evening, sat looking out on a flat, mirror like Sound of Mull with the sound of oystercatchers and curlews as my background music - I'm not sure it gets much better.

    At Tiroran Community Forest South West Mull & Iona Development Trust I am lucky to have an office where I can listen to the sounds of goldcrests, buzzards mewing, song thrush singing, siskins creating havoc as the youngsters take over the…