Sunday evening, sat looking out on a flat, mirror like Sound of Mull with the sound of oystercatchers and curlews as my background music - I'm not sure it gets much better.

At Tiroran Community Forest South West Mull & Iona Development Trust I am lucky to have an office where I can listen to the sounds of goldcrests, buzzards mewing, song thrush singing, siskins creating havoc as the youngsters take over the feeders, all trying to find a perch to call their own.  Oh yes, and of course, white tailed eagles calling, including our chick which shouts out to the adults when its hungry.  The chick is now just over 11 weeks old and when I left yesterday, had ventured out on to a supporting branch, which holds the nest, and then carrying out some amazing wing exercises - huge wings flapping to build up the muscles, accompanied by some serious hopping that would be right at home in the Hop Skip and Jump event in the forthcoming Olympics in Rio.

We are at the stage now where the adults ease off bringing in food in an attempt to encourage the chick out of the nest.  The chick may do a short flight but usually hop down the branches of the tree onto the ground.  Fingal and Iona will still bring in food but deliver it a distance away "if you are hungry, come and get it!" - then the fun begins as the chick starts to follow the adults, learning to fly and hunt - sometimes landing on branches that cant support its weight - great fun to watch.  So, we are now just waiting for the chick to take that leap of faith and Go!  

Here is a short video clip taken on Saturday of the chick flapping those huge wings.