Remember this?  The bundle of fluff here is the chick at Tiroran when he was being ringed in the middle of June.

Well today and I am delighted to report the fantastic news that the chicks at Tiroran South West Mull & Iona Development Trust and West Ardhu North West Mull Community Woodland sites have now successfully fledged.  The story was covered in the Scottish Press here

The Tiroran chick will be named by the children from our local primary school when they return from their summer holidays in mid August.  It was a very special moment to see the chick launch itself off and fly - as if it had been doing it for years rather than a beginner.  He remains in the area and its great fun in the morning trying to find where he is but a big clue is the adults are often nearby.  They will bring in food and drop it close by and encourage the chick to fly and he has been very obliging.  Its a very special moment, having watched over Fingal and Iona during the 38 day incubation process, then seeing them feed and protect their young for 12 weeks through rain and sunshine.  To the moment when the chick leaves the nest and flies.  It will not be long before he is catching his own food and then eventually he will move away from the area.  But for now, as we watch junior progress, we wish him to remain safe, and a long productive life - where ever he ends up!

Our trips to Mull Eagle Watch continue but now comprise walking through Tiroran Forest to get the best views possible of our eagle family - at the same time learning about the Forest and all that dwells within it.  Booking is essential on 01680 812556.  Suitable clothing and footwear recommended for the Forestry track.

Debby Thorne

RSPB Ranger, Isle of Mull