A new year and a return visit!

We were only here a few weeks ago so it came as a pleasant surprise when Limpy announced he'd like to go to The Lodge again.  Accordingly, we headed out yesterday morning - it was cold but much brighter than the weather forecast (a nice change!!).  After the essential hot cuppas we checked out the birdlife:

It seemed that everywhere we looked there was a beautiful brambling!

I'm assuming this great tit has more than a touch of leucism.  It looked like it had been frosted!

This robin wasn't about to let the bramblings take all the camera time.

I always think that blackbirds are very expressive.

Hello, gorgeous Nutty!

You are such a gorgeous bird.

Gorgeous enough to merit three photos on here (did I ever mention I LOVE nuthatches?)

Mrs Hawfinch kindly made an appearance!  She was very obliging.

This dunnock hoped to escape scrutiny among the more colourful birds ......... no chance.

The blue tit stared, shocked, as the long tailed tits took over the fat balls.

Chaffinches are lovely birds, even among their more colourful relatives.

A blue tit enjoying some 'me' time.


Another great tit - just more normal in colour.

I kept my eyes open for ravens - no such luck, but at least I snapped this attractive crow.

I couldn't resist snapping this highly appropriate weather vane!

This greenfinch didn't stay around for long, but happily for me it was just long enough.

It made a change to snap a brambling on a tree!

It kindly gave me the rear view too.

A short while later we headed home but we hadn't got very far when I spotted this stunning bird by the side of the road.  To our astonishment it actually sat and posed:

Cor!  This is probably as close as I've ever been to a wild kestrel.

It then flew to a nearby thatched roof and posed some more!

What a great end to a good day.

Our herring gulls are red listed birds.  Think about that the next time you hear some flaming idiot calling for a cull of them.