Re: Any body going to Ramsey island next year??

HI All,

Just heard that I have two weeks volunteering on Ramsey island next July.

Anybody had any experience of this. Any advice you wish to give me? Am so looking forward to it all!!

Bye for Now


  • Hi Gwyneth

    Great that you're coming to volunteer for us next summer, you did well to get a slot, we were inundated with requests for 2013.

    July is a good time to come out to the island as the seabirds will still be here, with chicks just leaving the cliff-ledges, families of chough will be out and about and hopefully our peregines will have youngsters learning to fly and hunt by then too. Manx Shearwaters will be coming into their burrows under cover of darkness to fed small chicks underground. Their strange call is an amazing sound that you will only experince by staying overnight as a residential volunteer! They particularly like the area around the volunteers bungalow so bring some ear-plugs!

    You might be lucky and see an early seal pup or two in mid to late July and it's a great month for sightings of Porpoises and possibly Dolphins.

    You will need all the usual supplies of food, warm and waterproof clothing (even in July), good boots and a torch. A good sense of humour is also an essential requirement.

    Lots of my regular volunteers read the island blog, so I hope one of them will respond to you with some tips on living in the Ramsey bungalow.

    Best Wishes for the new year. See you in July.


  • In reply to Island Girl:

    WEll I am in my 6th year now of volunteering. Cant believe it. THank you Greg and LIsa for your support and acceptance. A  great experience every year. This year there for 4 weeks with a crossover with Steve Bool. Any of you there this time will be guarenteed a comfortable and warm welcome. Fellow volunteers are such a joy to share this beautiful and interesting iconic island experience.

    Bye for Now