A Stroll Around the Island

Mrs WJ & I know Havergate Island really well, so it seemed only fair, when on holiday in Pembrokeshire, to visit another of the RSPBs island reserves.  So we braved the short boat trip from St Justinians and popped over to Ramsey for the day to explore.

It didn't take long for a little Pipit to pop up, like most of the birds they're collecting bugs and wigglies all over

Though some of the little birds are best described as LBJs!

No confusion over this chap though - loads of Wheatear around

Seals take advantage of the rocky coastline to chill out

But looking along the cliff tops can be more exciting - Peregrine live along here and are easy to spot

There are also plenty of Chough about - nice to see so many all over the Pembroke coastline actually

But we were really pleased to spot our final bird of the day.  On the stroll back to the visitor centre, what should we spot on a post?

Gotta love a Little Owl :-)

Just time before the boat leaves for something really important!


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