Yellow centaury

We found some diminutive yellow centaury in flower on the south path near the farmhouse on 25th July, mixed in with the tormentil. I'd never seen it before, it's something of a rarity, I've posted a photo in the "Photos" section. Is this on the Ramsey list? We were quite excited!
  • Hi Sue

    Yellow Centaury (Cicendia filiformis) is indeed on the Ramsey list and a great little plant. You did extremely well to spot it, with its flowers measuring less than 1 cm and only opening briefly on warm sunny days in July and August!

    This species is a feature of the island's Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) designation and we monitor its distribution and abundance annually.

    Ramsey is of particular note for its rare plants including the nationally scarce (and internationally endangered) floating water-plantain Luronium natans and three-lobed crowfoot Ranunculus tripartitus, both grow in our heathland ponds. Nationally scarce wavy St John’s-wort Hypericum undulatum occurs in a wet flush, yellow centaury Cicendia filiformis is associated with damp, open places and chamomile Chamaemelum nobile in areas of disturbed ground.

    Hope you enjoyed your visit.


  • In reply to Island Girl:

    Thanks Lisa, that's brilliant!  We'll be looking for the others when we come again at the right time of year.  

    We had a fantastic visit, thanks, good to see you again, albeit briefly!  Thanks for taking the time to reply, best,  Sue