Farewell Newport wetlands

I cannot see me ever visiting Newport Wetlands Uskmouth again, partly due to health issues but mostly due to corporate greed 

This is mainly due to the imposition of charges for non RSPB members to use the Public carpark at the Newport Wetlands NNR and also have to visit the RSPB Visitor centre (and of course it's shop & Cafe), to leave the site. This is in my opinion to increase footfall in the centre which has dropped in usefulness to visitors over the years of it's existence 

The car park was in place for years before the RSPB even thought of the Centre, indeed it was constructed with the opening of the Uskmouth site.

Also remember that the Newport wetlands site in its entirety was purchased by the Cardiff Bay Development corporation and gifted to the people of Wales in reparation for the loss of three SSSI in the Cardiff Bay development, so the whole site does not belong to the RSPB but to the Welsh people.

Health permitting I may visit other Sites that are actually owned by the RSPB, although by RSPB membership will likely not be renewed due to this act 

At least they do not control The Goldcliff Lagoons which are so much better for wildlife 

Best regards

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