Finally got those Beardies !

Well its taken some time and its thanks to John for the advice that I finally got sight and some pics of the Bearded Tits at the wetlands. Chance visit one lunchtime last week and because it was so quiet decided I'd try the little pontoon and lo and behold there were 6 beardies feeding on the reed heads along with a good flock of Reed Buntings and two Blue Tits. They were across the water and difficult to clearly focus on because of the reeds in front of the open hide but I dont really care :), good enough for my records and gave me a big smile all the way back home, to make it even better I also got my first spot at NWL of the Tufted Ducks and after getting some very far off  and frustrating sightings of the GS Woodpecker on the walk around, as I sat down in the Cafe with a coffee and a welsh cake so one turned up on the feeder outside !. All in all a cracking day - Thank you John

Unable to attach photos for some reason but have put some on the photos page 

  • Well done, its always great to see themfor the first time instead of just hearing about them.




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    Really was exciting Bob, such gorgeous birds the next aim now is to try and get half decent shots of them

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    Thank YOU Nicky for the credit, so glad you've finally caught up with them: it's so frustrating when you go down there and people say 'you should have been here five minutes ago' (or yesterday, or last week) - it was always like that with the Great White Egret at Goldclliff until I had a lucky break last year. . It took me ages to see my first Beardie but I see them fairly regularly now, although never predictably, so it's always a treat!

    I'm sure you'll see more of them now you've 'got your eye in'.

    Sorry it's taken so long to reply, along with everybody else I've been on the trail of the Waxwings, which have been so generous with their visits this Winter - making hay while the sun shines, because it could be years before we see them again this far west!