Some more Waxwings :)

Following on from John's post and amazing video - a first record for me this Jan at Newport Rd Cardiff with these guys and wow did they impress !! one of the most photogenic birds I have ever seen even if sadly the weather and light did not play ball for decent pics, and the noise they make as heard on John's vid is amazing just a constant tril which you could hear even over the heavy Newport Rd traffic. So so pleased I caught up with them and I hear thier now on my work doorstep in Barry which is sods law as I'm not in work at the moment !

  • Beautiful captures NNN, they are a beautiful bird. up. I had great excitement several weeks back when I had ONE on the bird feeder. There are woodlands less that a mile away, where I have seen them previously, so it must have gotten side tracked!

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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    Fabulous set of action photos Nicky, I recognise that 'ram-raid' on the bush outside K.F.C.

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    Cant tell you how pleased I was to finally see them, superb and thanks to the birders who shared the information so quickly on social media for us. Yes John that one was of the few good spots for better pictures as they were coming in quite low, sadly I was told that one of them was found dead on the side of KFC though, not sure if drunk on the berries or whether he'd flown into the large windows

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    Wonderful NNoo full of action and great photos, well done finding them.

    Lot to learn