Well we've waited patiently in this neck of the woods for the Waxwings, which were reported in large numbers in Scotland and the North East as early as November, to make their way across the country. Last weekend they arrived - in Bradley Stoke in Bristol, Cinderford in Gloucestershire, Bulwark in Chepstow and Newport Rd, Cardiff. One feature about these 'irruptions' is that the birds tend to end up in supermarket car parks. Winter Thrushes scoff virtually all of the berries in the countryside hedgerows within a couple of weeks of arriving, but are too timid to venture close to people, whereas the Viking raiders are a absolutely fearless and generally ignore human presence. Because the Mountain Ash or Rowan tree is widely planted as an ornamental feature in urban landscaping there are often trees laden with berries for them to feast on dotted around car parks. This was certainly the case here with people saying they'd been seen in Lidl, Cinderford, 'The Range', Cardiff, Tesco's, Bradley Stoke and 'outside the Londis', Bulwark.

Weather conditions were rubbish over the weekend and I didn't get any perfect shots but most are a good enough record.

The 10 Bulwark Waxwing.

The Cardiff Waxwings - a different colour scheme

Now I've just got the video to edit!