Fieldfare and Redwing

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    john_l_uk said:
    Hope you get to see some soon.
         well what do you know John  - I finally managed to see them today in my local area !   I've put a thread up on the main Community forum HERE          By the way, if you get other sightings John including more from Newport Wetlands, it would be great to see them on the Wildlife (All Creatures Great & Small thread) -   I'm always afraid that people who don't follow Newport Wetlands will miss your lovely postings and photos along with other areas you visit.   


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

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    HI John, lovely captures of the Redwing and Fieldfare-birds I rarely see down here. Fieldfare seem to have rather a haughty look don't they


    See my Flickr photos here.

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    Thanks Hazel, so glad you had a Redwing sighting (fabulous photos) and thanks for the encouragement to share my posts more widely.

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    Hi Jayne, interesting to hear that the winter thrushes don't often travel to Cornwall, would have thought they'd love the mild(er) climate! You know I've always thought that about Fieldfare and it fits in with their stand-offish behaviour!

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    What fabulous shots of a stunning bird John, and the video too is lovely to see, thanks for posting.

    Lot to learn

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    Thanks Gaynor!