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Asha & Brodie

The partnership has matured this season, with Asha continuing her good female role (and she loves nest-building) and Brodie being more reliable, both fishing and incubating.

The pair have fought their way thru all kinds of nasty weather - snow, wind and rain - and intruders, including the dreaded KL5 Klive, have been a nuisance but not dangerous...

so far.

21 April @ 10:47

24 April @ 14:06

27 April @ 13:27




Sadly, the month of May heralded irresistible aggression from BlueKL5 "Klive", who had ruined the end of last season for the 2 juvies.

Within the first 2 days Klive had driven Brodie from the area (tho Brodie did return a couple of times to dive-bomb Klive, to no effect) and destroyed the eggs.  He commenced to woo Asha clumsily, selfishly and inappropriately, as can be seen from the following pages.


  • 19 MAY

    Ultra close-up of "someone" on PTZ right now, if you get here later and scroll back.

    I can't capture now.


  • I'm taking myself away today, but a quick skim suggests KL5 had a fish 06.29 on a nearby tree, but ate it all himself.  I give up.  

    There have been some lovely close-ups of both KL5 and Asha.  

    06.29  Chat reports that KLIVE HAS A FISH - but he eats it all himself.

    08.59 Asha gave Klive a grand telling off before flying north and swinging round to the tree beyond the nest.  Klive flew to join her on the branch two minutes later

    09.06  Asha flies back to the nest, leaving Klive on the tree beyond.

    09.07  up to the nest perch, fish soliciting.

    09.43 Klive flies to the nest to mate.  I can't say whether it was successful or not, but I suspect no.  He really has a problem balancing in control.  Klive flew off to Odin's perch

    09.45  Klive flies.

    10.21  Cam picks up Klive, back on Odin's perch.  He might be wet, from a bath perhaps.

    10.32  Asha has been on the nest perch, calling intermittently.

    10.46  Her calls get more inpatient.  She is in the nest, calling loudly.

    11.19  Asha flies

    12.20  Klive leaves his perch, and lands on the nest and intruder chips briefly

    12.22 he flies to the nest perch.  No sign of intruder.

    12.22  PTZ picks up Asha on a dead tree* I don't immediately recognise, with a large FISH!!  Well done Asha, but Klive must do better if this nest is to be successful next year.  She shouldn't be fishing for herself.

    12.26  Klive flies from the nest 

    * I think it's part of the dead tree near the PTZ

    14.10  Asha is still on the dead tree, and I think is either at the tail end or it has gone.  She starts looking around her.

    14.11  The cam moves from Asha to another part of the dead tree, and finds Klive.  Has he just arrived.

    14.14  Cam returns to Asha

    14.23  And there she remains.

    Birdie's DU Summaries 2018   https://www.imagicat.com/

  • May 19, 2024 - Day complete

    Fish:  6:26:16 (KL5), 12:22:22 (Asha)

    Mating:  4:13 F, 4:17 S, 4:41 F, 9:43 S.   All with KL5.  

    The (S)uccess or (F)ailure indication is purely my untrained observation.  

    2 S, 2 F

  • Asha is still on her perch, and still eating from the fish.  Down to the tail end, surely!!

    16.16 something flew left to right passed Asha.  She watched.  Nothing landed on the nest.  It may or may not have been an osprey.

    16.18  She appears to be cleaning her beak on the branch.  

    16.25  Asha returns to the nest, and continues cleaning her beak!

    No sign of Klive

    16.27  She is in housework mode

    Birdie's DU Summaries 2018   https://www.imagicat.com/

  • 20 May 04:05 2 ospreys to nest simultaneously- female immediately starts food soliciting 

  • Back to 19 May

    Tokens, as my downloader crashed mid-morning yesterday and I haven't been fit to check it till ???


    Such technique:

    See Canuck's kind correction to my mis-ID, I'd thought this was Asha.


  • Absolutely great pics     Kissing heart

  • Scylla, can you please check your photo of Asha's left eye?  I think it may be KL5's.  He has a similar marking in his left eye and I thought that Asha's eyes were clear.

    Here is photo of his left eye from 9:19:27 on the ptz cam this morning.  His right eye is clear.

  • Amazing super closeups of KL5 on ptz cam from 9:11 onward.