LOCH GARTEN - April 2024

(I am starting a new thread for April because, for sad personal reasons, Korky cannot be with us until further notice so the March title cannot be edited.)

Please read Korky's comprehensive March 2024 intro.

Asha and Brodie

Last year they arrived on 04 and 14 April respectively.

The end of the 2023 season was marred by the aggressive intrusion of BlueKL5 "Klive" (thank you, Fergus).  We have no idea if the 2 youngsters were fit to migrate.

We haven't heard anything from HQ but it appears that the cams are not quite ready, despite snaps being posted to Facebook 10 days ago together with a query about the lack of IR for the third year in a row - and the streaming is unsteady and unreliable.  When LG issued a warning about a delay to the opening of the season, it seemed to refer only to the Visitor Centre.


The PTZ now

Quote RSPB YT Channel: When the Loch Garten Nature Centre opens on April 15th, this camera is controlled by the centre staff during work hours, so please be gracious if you find it staring at an empty tree! The birds react quicker than the staff are sometimes able.


  • 6:18  intruder tries to land on camera.  Asha flaps it off.

  • 05.28  We've had a misty morn

    06.11 And signs of frost

    07.26  Brodie lands with a half eaten fish.  An intruder is in the area and he takes off quickly.  Asha started to eat the fish

    07.31 Asha took off with the fish

    07.32  She returned with the fish.

    07.32  She returned with the fish.  Intruder still around

    07.33  Asha flew with the fish again, and landed on Odin's perch

    07.34 Brodie flew in to incubate.

    07.41  Brodie mantles, calls and flaps. Intruder unseen

    08.34  Asha returned

    08.35  Brodie was in no hurry to get up, so Asha left.

    08.36  Asha reutnred with some nesting material, and dropped pieces of reed on Brodie's tail!

    08.37  Asha asked gently, would he leave.  He ignores her.

    08.38  Asha leaft again.

    08.40  Asha returned, landing with one foot on Brodie, and moves sticks on the rim.  Brodie finally gets up

    08,41  Brodie leaves.  Asha moves the reeds/dried grass/hay around, building the nearside rim, obscuring our view, and finally settles

    09.02  Asha starts calling

    09.03  Asha gets up and flies.  Not sure why or where to.

    09.05  I think it is Asha who is on the tree beyond the nest.

    09.08  But it might have been Brodie on the tree, as he lands on the nest to incubate... 

    09.09  Asha returns with a clump of something, and decided to cover Brodie with the hay-like material!!

    09.10  Brodie takes the hint, gets up and flies to Odin's perch.

    09.15  Asha calls.  Does she want another fish, or company!  Brodie remains on Odin's perch PTZ

    09.42  Asha calls again, and flies off.

               Brodie flies to the nest to incubate from Odin's perch.

    09.43  LOL  Asha returns stands with her tail over Brodie, hinting, move.  She then flies off.

    09.46  Asha returns with more nesting material, and moves a piece of bark which was under Brodie.  She puffs up the duvet and moved a large Y-shaped stick on the far rim.  Brodie is unmoved.

    09.48  He finally takes the hint, gets up and watches as she gets settled on the eggs.  Go fish my boy!

    09.49  Brodie leaves.  PZT found him on Odin's perch.

    10.08  The skies are dark over Will's Mums! 

    10.09  Brodie has a fly about and lands with a short intruder screech.  He looked intently, and called again. 

    10.10  Brodie mantles and calls, Asha lies flat.  Intruder is illusive to me.

    10.14  Another short intruder screech from Brodie.

    10.16  Brodie leaves. possibly in pursuit.

    11.46  Brodie returned, fishless.  Asha's not a happy bunny.

    11.52  Brodie leaves the nest.  Asha watches.  PTZ found hi on a tree.

    11.59 Asha

    12.24  Brodie

    12.32  Brodie leaves the tree.  PTZ checks the old nest, the perch, and other regular perches Brodie uses

               Perhaps he has gone fishing

    14.22  No sign of Brodie, or a fish.

    Birdie's DU Summaries 2018   https://www.imagicat.com/

  • Amazing summary Sheila.  Thank you.

  • April 28, 2024 - Mid-day

    Fish:  7:26:50, 15:00:53

    Mating:  none

    The (S)uccess or (F)ailure indication is purely my untrained observation.  

  • Thank you Canuck.  I've been trying to post a fish delivery:  #2 fish, 15.00 large brown trout.

    Although I get my name coming up, there is no box to put my info in!!  Bother...!  Or it just repeats my previous post.

    Landing at 15.00


    Birdie's DU Summaries 2018   https://www.imagicat.com/

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    Thank you very, very much, EJFan, Sheila and Canuck for today's reports and pictures -  sorry but I cannot get anything done, I started with the overnight weather and have made no progress... I've got that one and the 07:30-ish intruder in the making but...

    SYAL x


  • scylla said:
    the 07:30-ish intruder


    SYAL :)))