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Asha & Brodie

The partnership has matured this season, with Asha continuing her good female role (and she loves nest-building) and Brodie being more reliable, both fishing and incubating.

The pair have fought their way thru all kinds of nasty weather - snow, wind and rain - and intruders, including the dreaded KL5 Klive, have been a nuisance but not dangerous...

so far.

21 April @ 10:47

24 April @ 14:06

27 April @ 13:27




Sadly, the month of May heralded irresistible aggression from BlueKL5 "Klive", who had ruined the end of last season for the 2 juvies.

Within the first 2 days Klive had driven Brodie from the area (tho Brodie did return a couple of times to dive-bomb Klive, to no effect) and destroyed the eggs.  He commenced to woo Asha clumsily, selfishly and inappropriately, as can be seen from the following pages.


  • Carrying on from EJFan's update

                               Asha food solicits from cam perch, scratching one talon with the other.  Good balance!

    05.19                  Asha dropped to the nest and began calling

    05.21                   The striated sun's rays begin, shining through a gap in the clouds.

    06.31                  Still calling, and prowling the nest.

    06.32                  She flies to the nest perch, and continues calling.  She does a neat 360 degree tun and continues calling

    06.33                  She drops to the nest, and stares at her feet, spotting moving insects, perhaps

    07.08                  Her call changes briefly, fish coming.  But KLive didn't arrive.

    07.33                  Her call is more wishful than demanding now, but it remains continuous.  No sign of KLive, but I assume she knows he is nearby.

    07.41                  Asha flies off, heading off, over the trees into the distance.

    07.42                  Cheeky – KLive lands with a small tail end of fish!!  Asha can be heard calling, as she returns to the nest to take the fish tail.  KLive lifts up, and back to the nest.  Asha ducked under his tail to grab the fish tail, but KLive took off.

    07.43                  He landed on the dead tree beyond the nest, with his back to her.  Asha continues to call.

                               The nest must be alive!  She keeping looking at the floor!

    07.47                  Asha flew from the nest, calling, and out of view of the PTZ,

    07.49                  Asha returns, still calling.  KLive is tucking into his tail end. 

    08.06                  KLive flew from the tree beyond the nest, flying to the right of the PTZ screen, so behind the nest screen.

    08.14                  Asha took off in a slight glitch (nest cam), in the same direction

    08.52                  KLive returned to the nest, and cleaned his beak.

    09.24                  KLive leaves.  ENS

                               An osprey (probably KLive.)  lands on Odin's perch, the perch behind the PTZ frame.  The perch he would sit on when life on the nest was too noisy, and the top of his head could just be seen.

    09.20                  Osprey took off flying towards us, but down to the left and out of sight.

    10.01                  The cam moves, to the old nest, pauses, then on to the dead tree

    10.02                  Left to the dead tree, where KLive is sitting. 

    10.14                  Lovely close up views of KLive

                               Back to the nest, above the pine branches

    10.16                  No reason to change the scene, but the Cam moves to the nest – showing it 'sitting' on a cushion of pine branches.

    10.30                  Back to the old nest, left to the dead tree, and KLive on the top branch, proudly showing off his Darvic


    Birdie's DU Summaries 2018   https://www.imagicat.com/

  • When did we last see Brodie?

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Scylla mentioned Brodie on 13th CL


     2013 photos & vids here

    eff37 on Flickr

  • 19:17 female on nest, Klive flies in, another (u) mating attempt 

  • May 12 at 2:41 when he dive-bombed KL5 who had just landed on the nest with a fish.  Brodie then flew off.

  • May 15, 2024 - Day complete

    Fish:  7:42:03 (KL5) 

    Mating:  4:29 F, 4:35 F, 4:46 F, 13:07 S, 14:20 F, 14:51 F, 19:17 F, 21:08 S, 22:01 S.   All with KL5.

    The (S)uccess or (F)ailure indication is purely my untrained observation.  

    3 S, 6 F

  • .

    15 May morning

    The beautiful golden sight that greeted me when I tapped on my spare screen this morning - just how LG should be, but with a "populated" nest!

    Whilst I was looking for that at the wrong time of day just now, I found a little birdie that the cam couldn't keep up with - it had had a beak full of "straw", don't know what it did with it:


    Besides the Manton Bay drama, this is all I can manage today - hope to be fitter tomorrow.


  • Morning young lady! What a fantastic capture of the little brown job’! As it is so sharp in focus it is fairly easily identified)I hope) as a WILWA, or for those without the knowledge of bird ringing jargon Willow Warbler. Good spot and great capture. Am sure the ospreys won’t mind sharing their nest.

  • 16 May 04:10 female to nest, food soliciting occasionally.

  • 4:19 Klive flies onto females back - mating attempt (u)