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So, we now enter August knowing that we will only have the pleasure of watching this beautiful family altogether for a limited number of weeks.
Both LP8 and LR0 have transformed into two strong, independent individuals. Their attentive parents have continued to provide for and nurture them and this, in turn, has given the juveniles a basis to continue their growth into full adulthood, wherever they decide to settle during the next couple of years.
Last season, NC0 began her southerly migration on the 22nd August; Laddie on the 25th (these dates were their last webcam sightings). We can only hope that all of the 2022 family have safe, unhindered journeys to warmer climes, aided by fair winds as well as an abundance of fish along the way, and that we will welcome Laddie and NC0 back to this stunning Loch of the Lowes location in the spring of 2023. 

Nest Updates

Arrival dates:  Laddie - 13.3.22  NC0 - 23.3.22

Three eggs laid:  Egg #1 - 12.4.22  Egg #2 - 15.4.22  Egg #3 - 18.4.22

Hatch dates:  Chick #1 - 19.5.22  Chick #2 - 21.5.22  Chick #3 - 23.5.22

15.6.22: At 23 days old, chick #3 passed away 

27.6.22:  Our osprey chicks have been ringed! (Genders not able to be positively determined, ? both males)

Chick #1: LP8 (39 days old) - wing measurement = 360mm, weight = 1.5kg

Chick #2: LR0 (37 days old) - wing measurement = 315mm, weight = 1.44kg

Fledge dates:  LP8 - 13.7.22 (10:06) 55 days old  LR0 - 15.7.22 (13:55) 55 days old

Migration dates: NC0 - last seen 11.8.22


August Blogs and Updates:

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12.8.22: Last Supper From NC0? (SWT video recorded at 17:20 on 10.8.22)

  • Ages as at 1st August: LP8 - 74 days old, LR0 - 72 days old

    No one at the nest tonight. NC0 (I assume), LP8 and LR0 were seen on the birch prior to night cam coming on.

    Hoping to see Laddie early in the morning with a breakfish delivery 


  • Morning all,
    I've still to check through this morning's footage so far but one notable event to have happened, is that LP8 brought a small, whole fish back to the nest at 5:40ish. Edit: Apologies, NC0 had previously delivered it to the nest (5:35), LP8 had flown off with it, then brought it back!

    LP8 guarded its fish as LR0 came to the nest

    Flying over to the birch

    LP8 left the birch after a short while, carried the fish back to the perch and proceeded to eat


  • In reply to Sandra :

    8:33 Another small fish delivery from NC0, LR0 was on the nest to take this one.

    A talon pulling session, the 'live' fish dropped and flapped

    NC0 left

    LR0 found the fish

    Tucking in

    I've not seen Laddie as yet...


  • In reply to Sandra :

    A third small fish from NC0 at 8:53. LP8 claimed it

    LP8 warned LR0


  • In reply to Sandra :

    9:28 LADDIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A HUGE headless fish too! What a relief, just over 24 hours since he was last on the nest - phew! 

    LP8 claimed it

    That fish should last them a while!


  • In reply to Sandra :

    Glad to hear he's OK Sandra. Always worrying when they are away for so long
  • In reply to Korky:

    Morning Korky, oh it's such great news! 

  • In reply to Sandra :

    9:57 LR0 attempted to take the fish from LP8. There was a brief melee whereby LP8's talons were pulled, the fish was on the nest at this point. LR0 picked his meal and began to eat. There was no reaction from LP8 to take the fish back

    I'm wondering if LP8, after having two small fish already, was already full after eating from this one as well for half an hour.


  • Both on the nest but their backs are to us so can't see who is who One has fish and the other is complaining about it The fish owner has now flown with it
  • In reply to Sandra :

    11:11 LR0 stopped eating and left the nest. He landed on the lower branch of the birch under where NC0 (I assume) was sitting. LP8 started its second meal from the fish