Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 31 July 2022

  • Thanks LINDA & KATE.
  • @ LINDA

    Do consider using your local Pharmacy for prescription meds.

    Using them regularly, they may offer automatic repeat delivery, or a reminder when you need to re order.

    Also my local will allow buying /delivering ,non prescription meds,paying either online or at point of delivery.

    Thought this may help you.

    Good news re OH, never mind he worried you CHOL:):)


  • Lindy - so pleased about the results of your OH’s scan. You must both be very relieved. I have a repeat prescription with my local pharmacist with a little card which tells me when to go for the next lot. Every now and then I have a meds review. That used to involve a visit to the doctor. During covid that became a phone call and my next review is with the practise pharmacist. Mmmm.
    AQ - I hope all is well at your daughters.
    I am taking my friend with the broken arm for a little walk this afternoon. She has decided she needs to keep using her legs!!! I will bring her back to my house afterwards for tea and scones!!!
  • Very heavy shower yesterday lunchtime, so no work outside in the afternoon. After it stopped, I went with OH to Tesco – surprised how store has deteriorated over the years, but I did find some things he had assured me were not stocked there! Very summery afternoon, so after dinner he continued on the deck – dismantling two wooden troughs made for us by man who built the deck. Expecting to both work outside through the weekend – continuing deck cleaning, and I can tidy the Alliums pots which have now died back completely.

    PAT – good to see you are recovering and cheerful – but don’t try to do paperwork (on the computer) while covid has your brain!

    LINDA – pleased hospital found nothing sinister on your OH’s scans. Very brave of you to dispose of the coin collection – I gave mine to a charity several years ago so I didn’t even have to bother taking them anywhere! Loved the Springer Spaniel cartoon! Hope others clicked on it to see it!

    AQ – I hope you and friend can soon meet up for coffee without fear of covid. I have so many different meds and can’t order them all at the same time – I currently send in a request every second week, with various assorted items - online request to doc who then sends script to pharmacy for collection (they would deliver if OH couldn’t get there.)

    RUSTY – lucky you, getting a meds review – I don’t even know who my doctor is! I think I shall soon have to insist on seeing somebody so they can tell me I am still alive! Enjoy the scones at your house – a change from cake at your friend’s!

    Had to send OH to pharmacy this morning – he had insect bites on both legs which set up terrible inflammation. I told him he needed an antihistamine cream, and the pharmacist agreed – also reminded him to moisturise the damaged skin between applications. J was intending to get up at “normal” time today to work on applications, but then requested a couple of hours extra rest – now eating breakfast just over an hour before he will join us for brunch!
  • Great news, LINDY !
    I was sad to read of the death of Judith Durham. The Seekers were so popular in the Sixties. I think that she had a fabulous voice. Funnily enough, I was listening/watching a video the other day of them singing ' I am Australian '. Another favourite of mine was The Carnival is Over'.
  • In reply to Lindybird:

    LINDY Glad Bonnie has been given the all clear. Benson has ear problems (typical of his breed, I think) and OH tries to clean them about once a month. It isn't easy as Benson does not like being fiddled with. He even yelps when we pick sticky burrs off him. He is a real wuss.

    OG Sorry to hear you are at screaming pitch. I hope things calm down soon for you.
  • In reply to Lindybird:

    LINDY So pleased your OH has been given the all clear. What a relief for you both.
  • HEATHER I hadn't heard about the death of Judith Durham. I agree, "The Carnival is Over" was lovely. She had a great voice.
  • OG p What a very good description. Yes, it does feel as though Covid has my brain at the moment - please may I have it back??? I need it!!
  • Sad to hear about Judith Durham. She had a good voice and seemed to have a calm personality.

    Springer spaniels often have ear problems, as do any dogs with ears which flap down - not enough fresh air! Glad you all enjoyed the cartoon about Springers, as that's exactly what its like going for a walk with someone who has their nose down most of the time. She has a much longar walk than we do!

    Sat in the garden after lunch, then came inside as felt too hot. Had a talk on the phone with Sue, who has a plate full of problems at the moment, including a bad hip, an infection, and a d. In law who just came back from holiday with a head cold which turned out to be covid. Sue will have to avoid helping with anything in case she catches it, so has to limit her support to only phone calls.

    I hope that AQs daughter is coping, and not too poorly..

    Pat, let's hope you find improvement tomorrow. Annette, if you're looking in, I hope all is going well with your family visit.