Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 26 June 2022

  • Glad to hear that things are more 'normal' at OG and EEs home, and thinking of Annette and family, still.
  • Today's quotes:

    The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age. Lucille Ball.

    I think you can destroy your now by worrying about tomorrow. Janis Joplin.
  • Morning all. Thanks for your thoughts. Status quo here.
  • OG - sorry about the 'grumps' - I'm pretty sure that all is peaceful now, in your home. You've all been unwell and not firing on all cylinders. My middle daughter is still feeling tired after covid - she's back at work this week. Yesterday she was very abrupt with me, when she phoned. This morning, we both spoke as if nothing had happened.
  • It’s very quiet on here today. Still hardly any rain here. I will have to do some serious watering of the garden tomorrow if it doesn’t rain overnight.
  • We've had rain, Rusty. But not enough to wet the ground properly. Hope you get some! I meant to say, glad you enjoyed your outing to Cemlyn. It sounded fun.

    I had a bad day yesterday: I decided to cross lots of things off the To Do List, and sat down to order our tickets for the Tatton Flower Show, in July. I chose Friday, as my OH plays golf on Thursdays and we had both said that we didn't want to go on a weekend when it might be busy. So I ordered them. Then I went to put it on our calendar-- oh dear. My OH has arranged to play golf on an all day competition that day. He's been quiet since I told him. The tickets cannot be changed.

  • Bonnie looking wet & dirty after her walk yesterday. 

    Good Morning. We've had lots of rain in the night, so that's good for the garden.

  • Morning all: Status quo here.

    Lindybird: Can you take Sue to Tatton and let your OH go to his golf game?

    Am reading posts; thanks for news and best to everyone with their everyday challenges/projects.
  • Annette - much appreciated that you are looking in at the chat. Sending love and strength.
    How annoying Lindy when you managed to get Tatton tickets for what you thought would be a suitable day. Glad you had rain. None here overnight. A friend of mine who is a geographer says I live in a rain shadow!! I imagine that must be to do with where I am in relation to the mountains.
  • I weeded another patch and came inside before a “sprinkle”. OH woke from his post-lunch snooze, went off for his walk, a heavy shower and he came home 10 mins later soaked through. He usually ignores me when I suggest changing to dry clothes but this time he listened. Fingers crossed no ill effects as he is due to have his 4th covid jab on Friday.