Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 26 June 2022


I hope everyone has a safe, healthy, fulfilling week. Take care of yourselves.

  • OG and EE: I'm so very sorry that you all contracted COVID. I hope you all recover with no lasting effects. What a ghastly development. My thoughts are with you. Sending you strength for a strong, fast recovery.

    Annette: I hope the hospice finds the staff that will allow your sister to come home. That's a long drive. Take care of yourself. Get enough sleep and eat well if you can. 

    Heather and AQ: I hope your family members will recover rapidly and fully. So sorry this rotten disease continues to create illness and heartache. Take care of yourselves!

  • Diane - thank you for starting our new week. When I read your first post it made me realise how many people are going though difficult times at the moment. I am sending good wishes to them all.
    I am going to have a quiet Sunday. Just some gentle weeding. As you commented Lindy when you go in the garden, more jobs keep popping up.
  • Good Morning, Everyone. Thank you again to Diane for starting us off on a new week - where does the time go??

    I hope that Annette can manage some happy time with her sister. I hope that OG, EE and J are managing to recover from this awful thing which has been such a trial to many. Anyone else not 100%, my thoughts are also with you.
  • The sun is out, here, but like many in the UK we have blustery winds and are expecting sudden showers. At least it'll water the garden a bit!
  • J set out for breakfast and church today - but whether he got to the service in time I doubt! He drove down - seems his eyes are quite good - optician this Thursday - it is possible the double vision was because of covid! All planning garden centre shopping and lunch on Tuesday for a change of scene - and to celebrate his birthday.

    New Great-granddaughter arrived - another girl, Cherith Ruby. Daughter has sent photos - she and S-i-L visited the family yesterday.

    Special thoughts and prayers for Annette and her family.
  • Glad you're all recovered enough to contemplate an outing, OG. Congrats on the new Great granddaughter - your family does seem to favour the female line! A pretty name, too.

    We've been to visit Sue, and swapped books etc. Much discussion about various ailing older members of the family, and worries about the younger members. So it is with families.
  • Today's quotes:

    Women are not forgiven for ageing. Robert Redfords lines of distinction are my old age wrinkles. Jane Fonda.

    The best way to grow old is not to worry about it.
  • Very pleased to hear that you can contemplate an outing next week OG. Also, congratulations on your new great granddaughter.
    I too am thinking about Annette and her family.
    I got about an hours worth of weeding done. The garden is very dry.
  • Well done on the weeding, Rusty. Its hard to keep on top of it.

    Today I'm trying to relax but feel unaccountably restless. I've been tired but that's nothing new. My mum used to say "My get up and go has got up and went!"

    The sunshine left us and now its just grey: quite windy still, and frustratingly, not enough rain for the garden. As Rusty says, if you scratch the surface, it's very dry.

  • Hi all. Thanks Diane for starting us off again - hope that heatwave has passed and that you are managing to cool down.

    OG and family - just read that you all went down with Covid, do hope you have all managed to recover well. That trip to the garden centre on Tuesday will hopefully be a welcome change than being hemmed in at home for the isolation.

    Annette - See that you are probably over here now and visiting your sister. Do hope that the nescessary arrangements for your sisters welfare will come to fruition and you can have her home.

    Not sure whether I've mentioned it but I have a date for a particular procedure next month which has come earlier than I anticipated. I have to go down to Oxford for it so Son and Dau between them will take and fetch me. Went down to our local cricket club yesterday - they had a beer and cider and hog roast on. It was nice to see some of the lads and remember Ray .


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