• I've done a basic round up of the day, including the reports already posted.  I'll post it here shortly.  Sadly I haven't done many pics.

    Thursday 23 June 2023  looking hot and sunny with a gentle breeze

    03.00  Mistle took a comfort/stretch break

    03.01  She returned and landed on the perch.  The moon can be seen rising on the left

    03.02  She drops to the nest, and creeps to brood the chicks who had been aware of her absence

    04.04  Just as the sun was rising, it must have been relatively warm.  She had her wings such that she seemed to be resting on her elbows, allowing a bit of air under her!

    04.39  As the sun rose over the horizon, Mistle got up, the darker #1 chick and #2 chick look expectantly.

    04.40  Mistle took flight again, and the chicks settled down.

    04.43  Mistle returned to the nest, with the sun's rays as a backdrop.  She settled over the chicks, keeping herself raised above them.

    04.44  Intruder alert.  Mistle took off intruder calling.  Nothing obvious on screen, particularly with the bright sun shining.

    04.44.53  S omeone flew swiftly from left to right

    04.45.11  Mistle returned, checked around her several times before stepping down to the chicks.

    06.11.58   #1 Fish

    06.13  Axel flies away and landed on Odin's perch.

    06.20  Feed over, Mistle broods – it takes a while to get down.

    07.03  After calling for a while, Mistle takes flight. The chicks remain down.

    07.06  Mistle returns from her fly about.  She stands and preens.  A bird flew over behind the nest, but was of no concern.

    07.09  Mistle broods, but she wasn't properly down.

    07.11  She gets up – were they wiggling beneath her again!!

    07.12  She is not properly down again, possibly on her 'elbows', with the sun shining down on her back, so possibly protecting the chicks.

                She continued to do this, along with intermittent calling.

    07.32  She backed away from the chicks and took flight for a fly about.  A breeze and sunshine

    07.34  Mistle returned with gentle chirrups and moved sticks.  I don't think she brought one in.

                She remained standing on the sun side of the nest, preening, but not shading the chicks.

    07.41  Mistle attempts to brood them, but isn't comfortable now they are growing!  She lowers herself, and rocks from side to side.  Moving a large stick in front of her.

    07.51  Mistle took flight.

                It's interesting to see that Axel no longer comes to the nest to keep an eye on the kids now they are older.

    07.53  Mistle returned with a stick.  Chicks both standing tall.

    08.03  Mistle tries to brood, but it on her elbows again.

    09.08  Mistle is up, more preening, and gentle calling now and again.  #1 chick sitting up stretching its neck

    Chat       via CC   #2 started it at 09:14 then #1 sorted out #2 then threw a wobbly at mum. 

    09.14  #2 had a go at #1,  #1 retaliated and a good old barney ensued.  #1 won round one!

    09.15  #1 Standing with neck at full stretch almost begging for food, but snapped at Mistle.  A real trantrum.

    09.23  It continued until #1 turned, and had a poop over the side.

                Things calmed down.

    09.16  #1 continued stand up to Mistle, occasionally opening its beak and reaching up to Mistle to peck her.    Everytime it had a go it missed – it wasn't close enough!  Mistle looked down with a certain amount of confusion. 

    09.21  Mistle was preening with her head lowered, and #1 got a hit!.  Continuing to be in a srop.

    11.19  Mistle reacted to an intruder.  Mantling and calling.  Watching. 

    11.20.13  She called again as thee intruder flew overhead.  She flapped it away.  It could seen flying from right to left on the skyline. And back over the  nest.  Where's Axel when you need him.

    11.20.56  An osprey flew closer to the nest and over it.  Was that Odin?

    11.21   An osprey landed on top of the dead tree on the left.  Her call changed.  It was more food solicit than intruder alert, so I guess Axel has a fish!

    11.26  The calling is continuing.  It's a pity they don't zoom out to  see whether Axel has a fish or not!

    11.27  #1 is sitting up with interest in Mum's shade.  #2 is on the near rim, in the sunshine.

    11.36  Axel, flew over and she continued to call, not really mantling, so I am assuming it is Axel.  It continued on its way.  Mistle went quiet

    13.12  he chicks had been lying quietly together, but all of a sudden they were up, and #2 had a go at #1.  #1 found itself with a stick in its beak and swung round and they ended in a bundle on the floor.  It passed and peace reigned.  Until #1 resumed having a go at Mistle.  Quiet again

    13.14   At it again when #1 had another go at #2.  Ouch.  #2 submitted.

    13.15  Leaning up to Mistle #1 tired to reach Mistle again, again missing.  It's a good think Mistle is a lot taller!!  She kept looking down as if to say 'what on earth are you up to', and then almost tendering they had a touching of beaks.

    13.22  #1 had another go at #2, then Mistle

    13.22  #2 fish  a reasonable size.  Axel moved a few sticks while Mistle fed the chicks

    13.24  Axel flew off.  Mistle watched him.  Feeding was noisy at the beginning as Mistle nattered to the chicks and the fish.  But it was soon under way, sharing well and more importantly, no fighting.

    13.30  #1 appeared to turn away, but was still willing to have more!

    13.41  Its crop is huge, but they are still taking more.  I don't think there will be much fighting for a while now!

    13.45  #1 has 'waddled' away into the shade of Mistle.  #2 is still accepting the odd morsel.  Mistle stopped feeding to look around her.  Perhaps Axel is flying near by.

    13.50  Finally #2 has refused to take food, despite Mistle trying several times.  #2 is sitting up, but not taking it. 

    13.51  #1 is now back, and taking more food!  Mistle takes her share too.

    13.54   #2 is showing interest again, and accepting the offerings.  #1 is lying down.

    13.56 And so it continues as #1 gets up again.  Thanks mum.

    13.57 #1 is lying down, and Mistle is trying to force food into #2's beak.

    13.58  #2 creeps round to the side of Mistle, to the partial shade.  #1 is already there, so Mistle takes her last bits and tidies up.  There might be a fish tail left, but I'm not sure.  She finds plenty of dropped pieces to feast upon.

    14.00  Mistle is still finding dropped pieces to eat.  As she moved the chicks tried to keep in her shadow, but eventually they gave up as she scoured the nest.

    14.05  I think she must have found the stringy bit, and well as juicy pieces.  Chicks are flat out.  She is doing a thorough clean up.

                A lot of preening going on for the next nearly two hours, then

    15.48  Mistle started to call.  Is a fish on it's way?

    15.50  #3 fish from Axel.  Mistle takes the first feed herself

    15.51 Axel flies off

              Mistle starts to feed two already full looking chicks.

    16.00  Axel landed on the perch

    Axel waits for left overs

    16.08  #2 lies down.  #1 is still hungry

    16.09  #1 refuses to take more.  Mistle puts it to its beak but it doesn't take it.

    16.10  Mistle tucks in in between trying to force feed #1 until it moves away.

    16.12  Mistle attempts to feed #1, and again it refuses to take it, so she does.  There won't be much left for Axel at this rate.

    16.14  #1 "oh go on, alright I'll have some more", so #2 gets up and shows interest again.

                So the feeding continues and Axel waits his turn!

    16.22 After a break, Mistle walks the remains around the nest and again offers the chicks some more.  She is blocking the view now, so I'm not sure how much was accepted.

    16.24  Mistle is really tucking into the fish now.  And still Axel waits

    16.27  Down to the tail fin

    16.29  The fish has gone, and Mistle immediately starts to fish solicit.  Axel is still on the perch, so he won't feed off that fish!

    16.30  Axel flies off the perch.  Mistle stops calling.

    16.37  Mistle prowls around the nest, picking up leftovers.

    16.44  A fluffy petticoat

    16.55  Mistle flew away.  This chicks are sparko.

    16.56  She returned, landing on #1.  Pay back!

    17.15  She has just stood on the nest, looking around.  A lovely blue sky and a cooling breeze, but clearly quite warm.

     17.17  #4 Fish!!

    17.32  Axel gave up waiting, and flew away

    17.37  Axel returns looking for left overs, but Mistle is still eating.

    17.49  Axel flew off, which Mistle was still eating.  He landed on the tree on the right, near the top.  

    17.50  Axel left the tree and landed again!

    17.53  he flew over the nest and disappeared.  Mistle stopped calling briefly

    17.54  Axel returned.  There was an intruder chip butt not Mistle to Axel.  Perhaps that's why he returned.

    That's it for now.

    © RSPB - Loch Garten & WildlifeWindows 

     From RSPB on Chat

    11:34             RSPB Video          Hi folks, that tantrum sequence earlier on was very entertaining!

    11:35             RSPB Video          Just to let you know we have added Key Dates to the info below the webcam frame for those who want them. Thanks to Alison for the prompt!

    11:36             RSPB Video          Not sure why the times have come up as links - they don't actually take you anywhere


    Here are key dates so far:

                    12 April – Last year’s male, ringed Blue AX6 (2016 Glen Affric) first seen at 08:41

            16 April -Last year’s unringed female first seen at 18:33

            3 May - First egg laid at 18:47

            6/7 May - Second egg laid overnight - first seen at 04:46

                    10 May - Third egg laid at 20:54 10-11 June - First chick hatched overnight (approx. 38.5 days) - first seen 05:32

            12-13 June - Second chick hatched overnight (approx. 37 days) - first seen around 04:11


    NB on the cam page, the dates are shown as blue links, but they take you nowhere.

     Today's fish quote

    06.11      #1 Fish

    13.22      #2 fish  a reasonable size. 

    15.50      #3 fish from Axel.  Mistle takes the first feed herself

    17.17      #4 Fish

    Edit  20.12  #5 fish

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  • Sheila's back and so on form!

    This, ladies and gentlemen, is, in her own words a 'basic' round up of the day.

    You should see her detailed round ups!

    Some people think Ospreys are a matter of life and death. I don't like that attitude. I can assure them it is much more serious than that. 

  • 20.12 fish

    (c) RSPB Loch Garten

  • Yay, Korky, the boy dun good!! Five fish today, despite a slow start which seems to have started th early aggression between #1 and #2 and then Mistle.

    I am sorry for posting such a long and rambling post above. I feel a trifle embarrassed now, but LG brought me into osprey and this thread is sort of special. Since 2009 when we started out onthe Forum as it is now, notes were kept religiously. Then we had the Daily Updates, with no chatter, just facts detailing the comings and goings. Chatter was banned!! There was the Chat thread which took the delightful natter and exchanges. But since the rise, and rise of FB, everyone seems to have migrated over there and there are few of us left here. I certainly won't be doing detailed posts regularly, but a few perhaps will give an oversight of the progress of the nest and an exchanges on the progress of our new pair. There must be many a lurker who is nervous, as I was, in putting the toe into the water. But all are welcome here and the more the merrier.

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  • In reply to SheilaFE:

    Indeed Sheila. I lurked for a long time before joining. I don't do Facebook. I love all the banter and contributions here! And your detailed reports are much appreciated and admired!
  • Thank you so much Korky. Your comments are appreciated.

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  • In reply to SheilaFE:

    @ShielaFE Please don't feel embarrassed about your excellent roundups! They are pure gold! I try to cover the early morning happenings on chat, but by the time you guys are up and doing, UT has usually wiped my posts off. .Just one disadvantage of being 9 hours ahead of you. I count on others' entries to catch up on what happens after I shut down and go to bed. So glad you are back and in top form.

    Smiles, Jan.

  • Lovely to see you here again, Wattle 15. Trust all is well with you south of the equator! Please feel free to join us again sometime. It's wonderful to know that another pair is carrying on legacy at LG

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  • In reply to SheilaFE:

    I'm usually here, SheilaFE. Arthritis has slowed me down a lot, so most of my time is spent lounging with my feet up. I have macular degeneration in both eyes, so need larger font on the computer these days, so one screen up at a time, usually UT during Scottish daylight hours. Our internet is so slow that I usually keep my posts brief, but I AM here! This new nest is brilliant, but Id suggest a couple of discreet uprights could be added on the side nearest the camera for next season. So many good sticks just seem to flow over the side of the nest there. This pair have bonded so well now, and they are proving to be GREAT parents! I'm going to continue to call them Axal and Mistle until they are officially named. Perhaps, if we use the names often enough, they might become official?.

    Smiles, Jan.