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    Great blog thanks Sandra!
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    You're welcome, Korky. Laddie has been very busy today!
  • My what a super boy he has been today. What a numpty that swimmer was, spooking NCO

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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    It was hard to tell if it was a 'human' swimmer, but NC0 was definitely looking in that direction before sounding off alarm calls, Catlady.

    Taken at 22:20.  #1 appears to have had a sudden growth spurt!


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    It does look very big, quickly catching up on mum! That’s what 9 fish a day does for you!

    I’ve just been admiring the beautiful colours on the Loch over the last half hour from 22.00.

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    Yes, there were some lovely pinkish hues, this evening. :)
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    A headless fish was delivered by Laddie at 23:09, making it TEN in total for the day!

    Both #1 (left) and #2 did crop drops before having their late supper


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     In anticipation of the forums seizing up I opened this RF box @ 02:59.  I also refreshed the thread list at that time - and again @ 03:01, and bob's yer uncle, all seized up.

    Sandra P said:
    17:14 Human intruder calls from NC0...she shot off the nest!

    Unlisted, as it's not enlightening, unfortunately.  Also, I noticed the sound was out of sync, did not stop to correct it.