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    Karen W said:

    19:03  All eyes following 33!!    The evening sun really shows off their gorgeous colouring

     © Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust


    What a lovely shot, KAREN - I couldn't resist putting one of PhotoScape X's frames on it (and getting rid of the logo in the process )


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    Thanks Scylla - they are stunning or rather I think "glowing" would be more appropriate :-)
  • Checking back :

    Fish left at back of nest for chicks to eat as and when :-)

    Beautiful sunrise.  Chicks waken and have a good stretch, flap

    05:05  Maya feeds the chicks from the fish left over at the back of the nest

    05:22   Raining - soggy chicks

    06:12  more fish

    09:11   Unseen intruder - 33 arrives to defend

    09:30  33 arrives and joins Maya - chicks snoozing

    Maya flies off leaving 33 chick sitting

    33 takes off and chicks continue to rest

    © Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust

    Out most of the day - catch up later.

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    Two of the chicks wingercising well in the late afternoon: