Continued from Manton Bay - May 2022

Details about the Manton Bay nest can be found on the season’s opening post

The season so far:
Maya returned 15 March @ 10:21 & Blue 33(11) on 21 March @ 17:29
Egg #1 laid 31 March @ c 23:30 & hatched 09 May @ 23:02
Egg #2 laid 03 April @ 18:31 & hatched 10 May @ 12:30
Egg #3 laid 06 April @ 20:30 & hatched 12 May @ 08:24

© Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust

Under the careful care and protection of Maya and 33(11), all three chicks have thrived and later this month we will learn more about them when ringing takes place.    

  • Many thanks for the super opening to this new thread, Karen! What a fantastic image of the Manton Bay family - just fab! 

  • Gorgeous opening KAREN and welldone for managing it I couldn't even get on the site this morning

    Three huge chicks asleep with Maya standing by, preening. Even chick three is catching up with his/her siblings

    C ROP

  • Intruder 33 helping Maya to defend He has now flown in pursuit

    C ROP

  • 18:17  Fish !!

    33 arrives with a whopper for dinner

    Maya drags it across the nest as the chicks get themselves up 

    33 flies off as feed gets underway

    33 returns and Maya moves from the fish.  Chicks try to self feed

    Maya soon returns and feeds them once more

    chicks soon full and lying down

    Maya eats some more and once finished, 33 arrives and collects the fish

    Maya then takes off most like up to the cam post leaving the chicks resting after their fish dinner

    © Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust

    Nice to see the whole family well fed

  • Maya has returned and the chicks are snuggled into her

    © Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust

  • LAM - I've been thinking about you as not seen you for a few weeks!!  My bro has just returned from Rutland - his annual fishing trip - enjoyed but cold and windy.   Hope you both are OK and of course I'm wondering if you have managed to visit lately.

    I'm off for the night now  -  BFN
  • Initially Maya was blocking our view of the chicks although one could be seen on her left steadfastly asleep Then the other two started to wander and came into view After picking up atwig one wandered to the back of the nest and one to the front looking over the edge
  • Chicks asleep Large piece of fish by Maya A recent delivery From scroll back I see the chicks had a feed
  • In reply to Karen:

    Good Morning All and Hello Karen.
    Thank you for your thoughts Karen and we're fine.
    Been meaning to log back in again but with so many nests to look at inow t's not easy to even fit work in :-)
    So pleased your brother had a good trip even though the weather was not good! We haven't paid a visit since we last posted....... Will always share our visit with you of course..... But happy days we are going on Sunday..... Yipee!! Accommodation is soooo expensive this year and we're even contemplating camping lol! That's how desperate it is!! The weather looks similar to when your brother was there for Sunday and Monday so we're used to that.... Freezing cold :-) we're looking forward to seeing the MB family though and what a lovely set of chicks this year's babies are so far fingers crossed!
    We'll send reports as usual and big thank you for your continued reports that keep us all going! Lyn and Mike x
  • Hi LAM - great to hear from you and fantastic you are managing to visit this Sunday. Expect it may be busy with the holiday weekend and most likely even more expensive than usual! Hopefully the weather holds out and you see the family. No doubt you will hear these lovely chicks when 33 arrives with fish and good chance you will see their heads as they are now getting inquisitive and venturing to the edge. Bet you can't wait lol

    I'm out Sunday - jubilee afternoon tea after a hike which will be nice - but enjoy your visit and I will catch up with you later.