Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 1 May 2022

  • Great news about your new teeth LINDY - it must be getting near the time for your cruise ?
    Rain here this morning - forecast is only so-so. Youngest son in law has to build a new garden fence while he is at home. He arrived yesterday after a marathon flight, 20 hours from Melbourne to London with a refuelling stop in Darwin. I thought that the flight from UK to California was long but this puts it into perspective.
    PAT - enjoy your day !
    Fourth vaccination for me today at 1.15 pm. Then some shopping with eldest daughter.
  • Wakehurst was wonderful. We walked MILES and saw lots of bluebells. I think I've probably had enough this year ... but they have been spectacular. When we got back, my friend and I sat outside and ate ice cream - and now I feel sleep crawling over me, so trying to keep doing things to stay awake! Hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful weather. Sorry your weather doesn't sound so good, Heather ... Not sure I would enjoy a 20-hour flight. The longest I have ever done was 13 hours, and that was more than enough. There are just so many films you can watch and 'plastic' meals you can eat ...
  • In reply to Lindybird:

    LINDY An eyewatering bill I am sure, but worth it. What did you have done in the end?
  • Glad you enjoyed your day, Pat. How sensible to enjoy an ice cream. We've had a sunny morning here, but its now raining.

    Heather: I couldn't stand more than 6 hours on a plane. My OH flatly refuses to go to the US for the same reason.

    Dibnlib : had a filling replaced on one tooth, then a crown replaced on another, then a new crown fitted on another tooth which had collapsed. Total bill should have come to over £1,200, but the dentist kindly gave me a reduced rate because he's known us for so long. Phew! We've been going to him since he was the junior at the Practice, and he's now the senior partner- he used to treat our sons when they were schoolboys.

    Our cruise is now looming- we go on 25th May which is less than 3 weeks away. We originally booked it in 2018..... (for May 2020) I would have been much more mobile then, but as it is, I can't now book for the outings which involve lots of walking or hills. We have tickets for the Flam Railway, though, which is something we really wanted to do.
  • LINDY How kind of your dentist.. Being a loyal customer can often count for nothing,, though I suppose you are a patient and not a customer. We go on our twice delayed river cruise (Portugal) on 27th June, can't remember where you are going but will look up Flam railway.
  • LINDY - you have a gem of a dentist there. I have just booked for a check up and a hygienists appointment. Expecting that to be over £100!!! I am sure you will love the cruise. I have been on the Flam railway. You won’t be disappointed. Just hope the weather behaves for you. We stayed in the hotel by the terminus on the side of the fjord. Gorgeous scenery.
    DIBNLIB - not long until your cruise either. A friend went on a cruise up the Douro last September. She said it was great. Hope you enjoy it.
    I have been to Burton Mere Wetlands again today. I just go by myself. People are ever so friendly. The avocets have chicks. I had brill views of a male garganey and also a spotted redshank in its summer plumage. Lots of waders and ducks too and the bluebells in the woods there are at their best. It said on their late afternoon Twitter feed that an Osprey had flown overhead. Of course I didn’t see it!!! Maybe I had left by then.
    PS. Ant powder purchased and put down last night. In my 3am wondering for a cuppa, there were NO ants on the kitchen floor!!!!
  • Thanks RUSTY. Never seen an avocet, and chicks as well....how wonderful. We are waiting for cygnets to hatch at the uni where we often walk. We go there 2 or 3 times a week. Today we are off to the canal.....the first time for a few days as there has been WIP on the path.
  • Good Morning. Dry here but cloudy at present. Yesterday I meant to say Happy Anniversary to AQ and her OH - I keep forgetting which day I'm on, is my excuse.

    Sue came to visit yesterday, and Bonnie was pleased to play with her dog Toffee in the garden.

    Rusty, you certainly saw lots of wonderful birds on your walk.

    I see that there is now a 2nd egg laid at LG -- let's hope its going to be a successful nest at last.
  • I have done it again!!! I wrote a long post and then realised I wasn’t signed in. I do keep getting signed out quite a lot!!! I thought I had checked at the top of the page first!
    So, here I go again!!! Yes - LINDY - I am very pleased there is a 2nd egg at LG. I really hope the pair is successful.
    I am not doing much today - just a little light pottering in the garden.
    I do have a tale to tell though. After my successful birding yesterday I called to collect my new specs which I had been informed were ready. I was using my old specs to drive in. At the optician’s I put my reading glasses on and couldn’t read a word!!!! To cut a long story short - they had put my reading lenses in my distance frames and visa versa! I didn’t want to keep things that that way round as my distance specs which I wear much more, are lighter. So they have gone back and will take another week!!! Thankfully I can read without my specs and have my old pair to drive in. A minor problem in the grand scheme of things.
    Hope everyone in the UK is enjoying the sunshine and that those overseas are having weather which suits them.
  • Bit of a nuisance RUSTY.