Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 24 April 2022

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    Thanks for all your news.
    Lindybird - I had an achy arm for 2 days so it may be the norm. Soon passed and am fine as your OH says he is too. Beautiful amarylis. Enjoy your break in Wales.

    dibnlib - glad you had a nice break in Pitlochry - have an old school friend who lives in Coupar and travels to Pitlochry a few times a year for a break. Would love to visit again but too far away.


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  • Well I have decided to go ahead with a quote for change of bathroom into a shower room due to my mobility problems. Have accepted a quote and the bloke came round today to show me samples of the wall panels they will have to put up - chosen a nice beige one which is similar in colour to the remaining tiles that will be left by the sink and opposite wall to the bath wall. They are going to start work next Thursday. Also rang about bed and scooter delivery and hopefully they could come next week as well.
    Hoping to go to a local Garden Centre on Monday and look out for frozen fruit for crumbles - they do quite a range. Also hope to get a rose and pot in memory of OH and get it planted out. It does get lonely at times, you think they're there and turn and they're not. Somehow I know he is looking on but would have a fit if he could see how I have been spending his money. It will give dau and I an enhanced lifestyle as we live out our days here.


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  • Lynette: I love what you and your daughter have been doing. It sounds like you both deserve it. Enjoy!

    Have been busy catching up with one thing and another the last week but am reading posts.  Things should be more predictable, but you know how that goes....  :-)

  • LYNETTE - If you haven't already done so, think about a grab rail in your new shower. I don't know much about disability allowances but from what you say, surely you would meet the criteria?
    ANNETTE - Hope that all.is OK over there...
    LINDY - Enjoy your time in Wales -
    Regards to everyone !
  • AHHHH!!!!! Sweary words!!! I just typed a long post and then realised I wasn’t signed in!!! I know OG advised me to copy it but, of course, I didn’t! I keep wondering actually how OG and EE are getting on.
    LYNETTE - I am pleased you are getting organised with your shower room. I think you are lucky to be getting it done so quickly. What a good idea to get a rose to remember your OH. A neighbour gave me a rose when my dad died. It is called “Remember” and is white with a beautiful scent. I cut one to have in a small vase in the kitchen throughout its flowering season.
    HEATHER - I hope you can enjoy your garden in some way. I like my little green disorganised patch. So many people around me have had their gardens paved over. It’s such a shame.
    ANNETTE - I hope you have managed to work through your jobs and that you can have a relaxing weekend.
    LINDY - Have a great weekend in Wales. I hope it is not too busy this Bank Holiday.
    I am having a quiet weekend. I cut the grass yesterday and today I have some bits of putting to do. I also need to find a space in the garden for a plant which is coming out of a pot!! I am hoping to go for a walk with a friend on Monday.
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    LYNETTE I am sure your OH would be pleased that you are spending money in order to make life easier for you both. Glad all is going well with your improvements.
  • LYNETTE We have friends who live near to Cupar and we get together in Pitlochry sometimes. We couldn't do it last week as they were going down to Hexam. Cupar is only 50 miles from Pitlochry and we are about 85.
  • Rusty - I had to smile at the picture of you putting around in your garden - surely the golf course would be easier???? But I hope the potting (making assumptions here ...) was successful. You know, sometimes it's a real nuisance being a proof reader ...

    Hope everyone is keeping well and enjoying the sunshine. I have spent most of today either on a motorway or sitting in a freezing cold church for District Synod. My, I do know how to have fun! We did have one light-hearted moment when a pigeon decided to join us - we were debating whether he was already a Christian or had been converted by our meeting! Since getting home I have been 'learning' how to share my screen on Zoom for a presentation next week. I could make a big fool of myself if it goes wrong ... I'm quite a whizz on Zoom but have not had to do the screen sharing thing before. Oh well, fingers crossed and 'L' plates flying ...
  • PAT O - glad I gave you a laugh. My iPad seems to decide what it wants to say!!! Mind you, on my newly cut lawn I could practise my putting - I certainly need to do something to improve it before all the big competitions start this season.
    The travel to and the sitting in the District Synod doesn’t sound to have been much fun. I hope you actually found the meeting useful. Good luck with the screen sharing on Zoom.
  • PS. Yes, thanks, Pat, the potting went well and I managed to find room in the garden for the things I took out of the pots.