Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 24 April 2022

  • Rusty - I assumed you meant puttering! which is a great word for something I often do - I go out to put laundry on the line, & end up pulling weeds or dead heading!

    Pat, good luck with the Zoom meeting. I can just about connect to my sons for a chat but it's not very productive as far as the g'children are concerned, as they often "zoom off" during the chatting! (My mobile just changed concerned to "veneered" .......)

    Raining here now but we've enjoyed a pleasant, lazy day pottering (puttering?) in a local Garden Centre & having a coffee. Resisted the many and luscious home made type cakes on offer, as hoping to get into my new trousers soon!! Bought some groceries then came back for my OH to enjoy watching the Snooker championship on TV. I've been catching up on reading and having a little zzzz.

    I have to go a' zooming
    Among the screens so blue -
    I hope the problems that I have
    Do not occur to you!

    My sound is often missing, &
    My son says, (on the phone)
    That I need to press some button
    Which never seems to be at home.

    The children then are gathered in
    "Say Hello to Grandma!" they're told
    If we're lucky, they might just say something
    Before the screen goes cold

    With no one even left in sight, or else
    With figures z o o o ming by
    If you wondered why it's called a zoom -
    At this point, I know why!

    We talk about things, this & that -
    The dog maybe, or Grandads new hat
    But only after switching off
    Do I recall reasons for the chat.


    I'm starting the new thread early tonight, sorry.